Gaming, GIRL POWER, & Comics

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Krista White, on starting out in the indie game scene

Krista White, Digital Humanities Librarian, Rutgers University-Newark will discuss her involvement with the small press, indie tabletop RPG gaming scene. Krista is the co-founder of Galileo Games, Inc., publisher of "Bulldogs!: Scifi that Kicks Ass," "How We Came to Live Here," "Mortal Coil" and "Shelter in Place." Krista invented KristaCon, a LongCon format for playing robust, tabletop role playing games at conventions. She'll be in the Art Library to talk about the indie RPG scene and answer questions about gaming and publishing. Pictured artwork created by Henry Charles (

Zara Wilkinson, on female action heroes

Zara Wilkinson, Reference and Instruction Librarian at Rutgers University-Camden, will discuss the depiction of female characters in comics and comics adapted to other media. In 2014, Zara was the co-organizer of Buffy to Batgirl, an academic conference devoted to women in science fiction, fantasy, and comics. Buffy to Batgirl was attended by over 150 scholars and students. Zara also organizes events at Camden Comic Con, Camden's first comics convention, which is held annually on the Rutgers-Camden campus in Camden, NJ.

Gaming, Girl Power, & Comics

Monday, March 23rd, 1:30pm

Art Library, 1st floor seminar room, Hamilton Street, New Brunswick, NJ, United States

Join us for a discussion, inspired by Rutgers' GEEK WEEK 2015 ( with librarians Krista White and Zara Wilkinson. Free snacks and refreshments will be provided.

LEGOs at the art library

Don't forget to checkout the lego playing station at the Art Library!
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