Toddler 1 News

September 29-October 3

what's going on???

In our theme this week we focused on the fall color, orange! We had a lot of fun painting paper pumpkins with orange peels, though I think we enjoyed eating the oranges afterward more :-) We took some time to explore the big pumpkin that's on our ledge; we felt it, tried to pick it up, and knocked on it! We made sensory bags with gel and orange jello mix; we mixed some google eyes in for fun. Our goal is to get our kiddos more comfortable with sensory activities! During circle time this week we read a book all about Orange; the different foods we eat including oranges and sweet potatoes and other items that are orange. We made our own sweet potato fries on Thursday and got to try them! Most of us loved them! Below you will see a link to the song, "5 Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate". The children really enjoyed this song this week and it would be fun to listen to at home too!

Important Dates

Picture day is Thursday, October 9. We are going before breakfast between 8-8:30.

Fall Fest is coming up on October 16 from 5-7!