Intership Fall 2015

Stephanie Lowe

What is the most important thing you learned about working with others? Describe a time that you worked well with others, or a time that you struggled to work well with others.

When working with other people you need to learn how to actually work with them. I am the kind of person they would just rather do things their self and not have help. That was kind of hard with my internship having to work with the children. Some time the kids woulf be playing a game and one kid would have to leave and i would have to play the game with the kids. Iwould let them win to make them fill good but some times the kids would be really mean, An easy time was on mornign work I would work with the children to get their mornig work done and they were always so sweet. Aleast at that time they were.

Describe a situation when you were really frustrated and explain how you dealt with it. What did you learn?

One of the times I really got frustrated was when I first started going to the school and worked with the kids. We were having to work on how to wright our names and this one kid did not want to. He looked at me and was like my name in all zeros. I was have to explain to him that it was not and he was just not going to have it. But I just had to keed working with him. He stiil is having trouble I think he just dose not want to be at school period.

Explain how your experience at the internship will impact your high school and further education. Have any of your plans changed? How have they changed?

When I started this I had my mind set on being an Elementery school teacher. Now that i have been in the class room I think that it is not the job for me. I think I am still going to work in the school system but I think I might go into High School where most of the kids kind of have a knowlage of what they are doing there. If that dose not work put I might just join the military. I don't think i have figuared out what i am going to do yet but this has helped to figure out i do not want to be in elementry school.

Describe your internship site. Give the name location, general surroundings and what products or services they offer.

I am doing my intership at North Wilkesboro Elementry. When you pull up to the school ther a table out side and a little wooden box that has books in it. The school is secured all outside doors are locked and when you walk into the school their are double doors that are also locked. You need to either be buzzed in or have a key. This is a school so they are there to teach the children and from with I see thay are doing a good job at that.

Describe an activity or accomplishment in the internship that you are proud of. What did you learn from it?

One activity I am proud of is when I went with the children on a fild trip. I was thinking that it was going to be easy but I was worng. There were 5 or 6 different school their so you had to make sure nto to get the kids mixed up with the other kids. When we ate lunchwe had to eat on the ground because all of the tables were full. The reason why I say that I am proud is because we did not have one kids fight or yell. We did not lose on kid we were able to keep upp with all the children and that make me proud of not only me but the parents, teachers, and students.