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News from Lauren and Tabitha, Volume 3

Benchmark Update!

How is it almost the middle of the school year? That's something frequently said in our office! Please see the email sent on Friday, 1/8/16 (subject: CIA Meeting Monday, 1/11) regarding the Benchmark 2 timeline. Also, if you haven't read it yet, there is also an email from 1/13/16 which includes a revised version of the Excel sheet that will calculate the percentage of correct answers for you. As always thank you for your cooperation and hard work!

The images below were created by We used the Benchmark 1 presentations to create them.

February 16th Professional Development Day

We are hard at work getting the PD day ready. We are hoping you will find it HIP (happy, inspirational, and productive)! A schedule of the day's events will be forthcoming. In the meantime, you can expect to hear a keynote speech from Chelsea Collins, NJEA Teacher of the Year, as well as participate in a break-out workshop under her guidance. Additionally, please plan to eat breakfast at home and be hungry by lunchtime as lunch will be provided! A special thanks to Janice Marsili for helping to put the luncheon together!

Useful PARCC Sites

Did you know that parents and teachers can view PARCC test items from last year's test? Almost 850 of the test questions are online in the Partnership Resource Center. Follow this link.

If you are looking for additional online resources so that students can practice for the PARCC follow this link.

Resources and Websites

Below are links to some of our favorite resources and interesting articles that we want to share with you!

Our (Bare) Shelves, Our Selves

The Science of Resilience: How to Teach Students to Persevere

Just for fun...

Ashley Bryant & IBM Watson on Education
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