Mapping the Skies

By: Walter Oleksy


The book has interesting pictures and cool facts about the ski. Also the book gives you enough information that you need.


The book "Mapping the Skies", it's all about what is in the skies like what is up there. It tells you about the universe and the planets. It's very interesting. It tells you about the early astronomers that has studied the skies.

Product Details

  • The age range is 12 and up
  • Grade level is 6th or above
  • The Publisher is Franklin Watts

Quote Me

"Dirty Snowball" that's what astronomers call comets.

"Geocentric theory" that's what early people believed that the Earth was on the middle of the solar system.

"Heliocentric theory" what we believe in now that the sun is the middle of the solar system.

Rank or Recommend

1) I'm doing to rank this book at 3rd place.

2)If you are interested into books like this this you should go check out this book called 100 facts about space. It is a awesome book.

Editorial Review

Mapping the Skies is a book that is about space/ the universe and it shows you information about the planets. It also shows information about objects in space that orbits around the solar system.