Investors Day Pasion>ie

IE Business School, May 8th, 9am-14am

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Investors Day

Join Pasion>ie Investors Day, a half-day conference where some of the most worldwide influential early stage investors and entrepreneurs share with us their experiences and judge our startup competition! 


Accenture España and IE Business School have launched the second edition of the Pasion>ie competition, an initiative designed to serve as an interface between the “innovative community” and the corporate world with a view to fostering innovative projects which will make a real contribution to economic and social development. The overriding objective of the Pasion>ie program is to enable the realization of proposals which will serve to address and improve specific aspects of the world in which we live.

Second edition Pasion>ie Projects:

BETTERWAYS: Transport Solutions

Data processing services for traffic management.

Project Erle

Erle is a small size, low cost robotic aerial platform. It's being developed so that I can handle different tasks such as search and rescue operations or swarm networking.

Faceon System

Facial recognition software that can be applied in private processes of network, video surveillance, etc.

SDK Turbine

Wave turbine to generate power through the waves.


GeoZate Games is a company of games which are based on geolocalitation. GeoZate allows  the players to play in the street and at real time.


LILIAC: Anti-counterfeiting and Brand image protection technology.


Platform that unifies the best deals in town and timely to facilitate purchase through the mobile phone.

Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi is a concept based on the Eco-Fashion (handmade from natural materials, organic and recycled). This spirit is also reflected in its stores that have an original design inspired by the Japanese philosophy Wabi Sabi

Better Care: Monitorización de pacientes críticos

It is a software platform that incorporates advanced alarms to improve safety and quality, as a result reducing the costs of patients admitted to the UCI.

Primum: Telemonitorización de pacientes

This Telemedicine project design and produce a mobile device, which collects medical data in the cloud to perform the subsequent diagnosis and monitoring of patients.

My Vision

It is an online trading environment between eye care professionals and users of optical solutions.

BSF: Biocidal Surfaces & Filters

Project dedicated to developing biocidal filter surfaces, based on nanomaterials, to eliminate pathogens in air conditioning systems.
Pasionie. Conoce a los proyectos finalistas de la I Edición