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What a perfect time for a three day weekend! We could all use a extended break. Re-energize your batteries over the long weekend and prepare for

Question about technology use:

We typically fight with students over inappropriate cell phone use...have we encouraged any educationally related electronic device use in class? Many of our students have their own device. Make an attempt to integrate student technology use into your classroom this week. If the concern is inappropriate use, model appropriate use first, guide them through a lesson, and then set them free. This is an untapped resource!


- Ashlyn Boettcher for presenting on student ownership!

- Candice Weiser and StuCo for organizing the Super Bowl of Caring and accompanying festivities!

- Cindy Jackson for always being positive!

There are literally so many things to compliment I can't remember them all. Please know that our kids appreciate your efforts daily.

Peeking into the future:

STAAR 7th Writing, 8th reading, 8th math are coming March 29 and 30. Once we take those tests, we will no longer need to use Eagle Time for RtI in those subjects. We will continue with RtI in other subjects. Teachers who are running those Eagle Times will experience a schedule adjustment.


1. Keep your phones charged: #edChat is coming February 29!

Weekly Calendar:

*Make note to changes in the duty schedule for the Spring!*

Mon - 2/15


Tues - 2/16

Lesson Plans by 8:00 AM

Holocaust Field Trip

Staff Meeting 3:45

Wed - 2/17

CEIC Meeting LMS Library 3:45

Thurs - 2/18

College Day - Favorite College Gear and Jeans!

Lots of Learning!

Fri - 2/19

Lots of Learning!


Sat - 2/20

Robotics FLL Competition

March Birthdays:

Kim Allison March 10

Ian Young March 20

Upcoming Dates to Remember

2/17 - CEIC

2/20 - Robotics Competition

2/22 - Grades locked for eligibility check - please have grades updated before 8:00!

2/26 - Ineligible students regain eligibility at 3:30

2/29 - #edChat is coming!

3/2 - Faculty Meeting

3/3 - LMS Track @ Rockdale

3/10 - LMS Track @ Giddings

3/14-3/18 Spring Break

3/21 - LMS Track @ Jarrell

3/22 - CEIC

3/28 - 5th Parent Night

3/29 - STAAR

3/30 - STAAR

4/1 - LMS Track Meet

4/5 - 5th Transition Day

4/11 - Student Showcase

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