Math Slide: Addition & Subtraction

By: Math Adventures

App Description:

  • FREE
  • 1st-2nd grade
  • 1-4 players
  • Addition & Subtraction
  • "This app focuses on addition & subtraction number facts. To progress and succeed at math children need to be able to quickly and easily recall number facts. Math slide is a fun way to practice this key skill"
  • LEVEL 1: Representing doubles & pairs to 10
  • LEVEL 10: Triples of number facts: 6+5+? = 15

Critical Review of App:


  • Sound doesn't play when you are actually playing the game
  • Allows you to compete but doesn't keep track of how many each person earns
  • Varying difficulty from 1st to 10th level


  • Only lets you play 2 times with each "game" ($1.99 for upgrade)
  • Each level has a timer
  • Not many engaging/motivating elements besides building speed

DOK levels:

  • Lower DOK levels
  • Levels 1: Recall or recognize facts
  • Level 2: Make decisions as to how to approach the problem

Additions & Questions:

  • Great for emphasizing students understanding of "equals"
  • Pause the game after a problem to work through it as a class
  • What is another way that you could solve that problem?
  • How many ways can you think of to represent that equation?