Mistaken Identity

Don, Susie van Ryn Newell, Colleen,Whitney Cerak Mark Tabb


This book was about a group of college kids that where in a bad accident. All the college students had died. There was one survival though. One was buried under the wrong name, and the other one was in coma being cared by the wrong family. The two girls were Whitney Cerak And Laura Van Ryn. Will the families be destroyed after knowing the truth? How will the families react to one another knowing they buried and cared for the wrong girl? Which one was really in coma? Which one was buried? My opinion is that I really didn't like the book that much. Maybe it's just me it was interested but it just didn't get to me. My favorite part was that the families didn't give up. My least part was that all the truth came out in the first and second chapter. If i could of change something it would be to not reveal the truth at the beginning of the book. I would recommend this book to those people who like mysterious.

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Review By Yaneli Castro

April 2006, a horrific highway accident took the lives of four Taylor University college students and one staff member. The book opened five weeks after the Cerak family held a funeral of Whitney Cerak. The chapters that follow return to the day of the crash, when the mother receives a mysterious phone call in the middle of the night.