Columbian Space Shuttle


The space shuttle of columbia was the first orbiter fleet of NASA.The space shuttle was delivered to kennedy space center in march 1979.

The Columbia space shuttle flew 28 flights in total.It was the second space shuttle built.The first one was the shuttle that was actually supposed to enter space.

The columbia space shuttle flew over earth 4,800 times over 22 years.In 2003 the space shuttle had disintegrated.

How it happened

When the colombian space shuttle was re-entering earth’s atmosphere it disintegrated over texas.The disaster had killed all the crew members too.

Columbian space shuttle video

3 fun facts

1.Each of the space shuttle launches were very expensive.Each flight would be around 450 million dollars.A reason it would be really expensive is because some of the items used for the ship for not reusable so they had to buy a different one for every launch.example:external tank.
2.The shuttle didn't go that high.The shuttle was actually supposed to go at an altitude of 120-600 miles but it only went on a 200-250 mile journey,Thats about the distance from New York to Boston
3.The shuttle didn’t fly as much as it was supposed 1972 a way to keep the cost down they were supposed to fly the shuttle 50 times a year,but sadly it only went around 4 flights a year.
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