K-C Weekly News

November 13, 2015

What you really need to know

Our class participated in an Understanding Different Abilities workshop. We learned that everyone looks different on the outside, no matter who they are or what they do, but that really makes us all kind of the same. Stop by the school lobby to see an awesome display focusing on many differently abled folks.

Thanks to Avi's dad, Ranen, for being our Mystery Reader this week! He shared the book My Life As a Chicken which was as funny as it sounds.

Sophia turned six years old this week!

Book orders are due yesterday! But there's always a little wiggle room to encourage book acquisition and sharing, so... you have until midnight tonight to get your orders in! Please browse any flyer, for any month or any grade. You can search for any title your child is interested at any time, whether or not it appears in this months flyer selection.

Go to clubs2.scholastic.com For first time users, our class activation code is HVXFH

Mark your calendar.

11/25 - Early Release at 12:15 for Thanksgiving Break

11/26-27 - Thanksgiving - No School

12/9 - Kindergarten Conferences/day 3 - No Kindergarten in session.

12/24/15-1/3/16 Winter Break/ School resumes on Monday, 1/4/16

What we've been up to.

  • We practiced writing the lower case letters h and k this week. Our handwriting practice is supporting our efforts to label our work and complement our drawings with narrative sentences.
  • We've focused on reading and writing the sight words including IS and THIS. We each made a new book called This pumpkin is...
  • We finished our Raz-Kids training with Mrs. Slotnick!
  • We read the classic story Are You My Mother? and noticed that the pictures match the words on every page of the story.
  • We finished Think Math Chapter 1 and have moved on to Chapter 2 to begin an investigation of shapes.
  • Our dramatic play area has become a tool shop! Our architects have been busy with screwdrivers, tape measures and sand paper.

Links of the week.

Find the shapes to make a space ship for the chickens!


Practice finding the teen numbers!


Connect the dots 1-20


Play guess the number (BASIC: 1-10, CHALLENGE 1-100)


The things kids say. For real.

Mrs. Cohen: What happens when I put these two squares together?

Student 1: It makes a rectangle.

Mrs. Cohen: What if I put three squares together?

Student 2: It's still a rectangle.

Mrs. Cohen: What if I turn it this way (vertically, with the point at the top)?

Student 2: it's a rhombus!

Okay, so I guess we're going to be ready for Chapter 3 sooner than I thought.