Wellness Wednesday

Your Counselor - Ms. Mutter, & PBSES Coach - Ms. Kusunose

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From Ms. Kusunose

Transitions. Transformation from one state to another. During this time of distance learning, we are all reaching deep into our skillsets to access flexibility, reliance, growth mindset, hopefulness, being reflective and more. These are all skills we can take time to practice and improve upon. Here are three ideas to practice:

  • Self-Talk. Telling yourself, “I got this!” or “Remember when… I can do this!” or “Yes this is … (acknowledge your feeling) and I am can be excited about (something new or different).” Practice this with a child and model self-talk to teach this skill.
  • Active Listening. Ask a child, “What do you need from me right now?” rather than immediately jumping into solving a problem for them. It gives the child validity to their VOICE and EMPOWERS the two of you to work collaboratively to solve the conflict.
  • Being Reflective. Write in a journal regularly. Children and adults can benefit from writing out their thoughts. To get it started, decorate a notebook and make the notebook your own and find writing utensils that make you happy! It can be a pen you like or pencils in your favorite colors. Some may even prefer a digital journal format.

Our lives are often about being in different emotional states. Acknowledge the challenges and find ways to embrace the change and transitions in life.

This resource below is full of resources for teachers and parents. There are links for transitions to middle school and moving up grades in elementary schools. Take a look!

https://www.edutopia.org/blog/transition-resources-teachers-matt-davis Practice transitions skills with kids. And reach out for support! We are here for you.

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From Ms. Mutter

As we begin to wrap up this school-year, Ms. Kusunose and I are thinking about how to support the Newcastle community with transitions and change. It seems these concepts are almost a theme for the year we've had - unprecedented, unexpected. But with this also comes another defining word for the year - Resilience. I truly believe this year has made us stronger as a community, as more than ever we have leaned on one another and gone deeper within ourselves to look at our (individual and collective) purpose.

So as we look at the transition into summer, and into the unknown of next school-year, let's tap into our strengths and our resilience. Our positive self-talk, our flexible-thinking, our creativity, our social connection that is still very much there! We are all co-creating a new normal, with so much possibility, while also trying to maintain some of that stability and "sameness" that helps us to feel safe. Together, we can strike that balance and make this happen. I so believe in our amazing community :)

Here is a fantastic read on the topic of Resilience, with tips on how to build resilience in children.

Here and here are articles with tips on how to help your child with change or difficult transitions, and how to cope.

This article is geared specifically towards families with children who have ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, or sensory processing challenges (with tips that can be applied for all children).

And here is an article specific to coping with COVID-related change.

If you are looking for children's books to help ease them through all sorts of different life transitions, here is a great article (and many of the books can be found on YoutTube for free viewing).

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** Note: If you have complications with accessing our available district food supports (or know someone who does), or if you are needing school supplies, please reach out to Ms. Mutter and she will assist in finding a solution that best meets your needs**

Nami Kusunose, PBSES Coach

If you would like support with being at home, emotion-regulation, behavior/motivation, or structuring your day/week please reach out to Ms. Kusunose, the PBSES Coach.

Kailey Mutter, School Counselor

If you would like support with coping with anxiety, processing emotions, mindfulness, mental health, talking to your kids about COVID-19, and accessing emergency resources please reach out to Ms. Mutter, the Counselor.