Football Nightmare

Author: Matt Christopher By: Luke Dillingham B1

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Characters: Keith Stedman

Keith is a normal kid that plays football. He is a good kid and makes good decisions. Keith likes hanging out with his friends that play football with him. He faces adversity and thinks about quitting football because he dropped the game winning pass last year that would have taken the to the championship. He learns to fight through it and play the next year. He continues to work hard to try and earn the starting wide receiver position. Keith is a good-hearted, hard working kid. He is the protagonist.


Heck and Keith are best friends. He is tricky by getting people to do what he wants in a nice way.He is very athletic. Heck is also funny. He plays a lot of jokes on his friends. He really wants Keith to come back for next season and play for the Bucks. Heck tries to encourage Keith to play by talking to him alone. Heck is a caring, good friend to have. He is a supporting character.


Larry is Keith's competition at starting wide receiver. He is a sneaky kid. Larry tries to get Keith into trouble during practice. Keith's friends don't really like Larry. Keith and Larry always end up getting in fights because they argue so much. Larry isn't the kind of kid you would want to hang around. He is the antagonist.


I think the theme of this book is to make your own decisions, don't let your friends make them for you. I think this because throughout the book Keith's friends try to pressure him into playing football. It causes Keith to get angry at his friends. He thinks his own choice is right, not to play football. He eventually does, but I think the theme is still to make your own decisions, not anyone else.


The setting in Football Nightmare is present time in a small town that is big on football. The kids all play football, just like Aledo. Keith, the main character likes being there with his friends and family. The town is pleasant because you never hear about anything bad that happened there. Everybody seems to be friendly and like the town. It would be a nice place for people to live.


I think Heck in Football Nightmare represents a bond. He is one of those kids that you can talk to about anything. Keith is always having one on one conversations with Heck. All the kids like to hang around him. He is a good best friend to have. For those reasons I think Heck represents a strong bonding.

Book recommendation:

I would recommend Football Nightmare to anyone of any age. I liked this book because it talks about a kid my age who has to overcome the adversity of losing last years very important football game. This is a very realistic book. Another reason I liked this is because I like the topic, football. If you like football then you need to read this book. Maybe what Keith has to overcome has even happened to you before. I think anyone who reads this book will like it and be pulling for the main character Keith by the end, just like I did. This is a good realistic story about football and friendship, so for these reasons I think anyone should read this book.