5 Bluhm Newsletter

October 14, 2016

October 17-21

This coming week in reading we are going to be reading the story "Satchmo's Blue's" which is a story about Louis Armstrong. We will even watch some video clips of him so students can see his amazing talents. We will also be reading the article on Florida schools allowing cell phones in the classroom and look at both sides of this issue to help with future persuasive writing.

In fifth grade math, we will be looking at the distributive property. In accelerated math, they will be doing proportions, percents and fractions.

In writing, students will be now writing their own version of "Where I'm From" poems. Last week we analyzed George Ella Ryan's poem and even wrote a "Where I'm From" poem as a class for the character of Naomi from our novel. I am looking forward to seeing their poems.

In spelling, the students will be looking at words that have the three syllables we have discussed thus far (open, closed, and vce). Please have your child study these words nightly. They will also be having the 2 additional dictation sentences on their spelling test the remainder of the school year.

In science, last week students learned about the parts of the microscope and their jobs. They also had the chance to look at slides under the microscope. Next week, on Wednesday they will be quizzed on the parts of the microscope. We will also be looking at onion skin under the microscope and doing some additional activities with the microscope before moving on to talking about animal and plant cells.