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What's New?

Included in this Newsletter: Mastering upper- and lower case letters, a link to Jan Richardson's resource page, TLA update, teacher needs survey, and upcoming dates.

Strategy of the Week - Helping Students Master Upper- and Lower Case Letters

Trace and Alphabet Book:


The student uses his or her pointer finger to trace each upper- and lowercase letter in the ABC book. Then the student points to the picture and names it.

Key Points:

-Student must be with a tutor (interventionist, volunteer, older student) who can assist the student when necessary.

-Student must trace the letter with their finger.

-If student knows less than 10 letters, have him or her only trace the letters they know plus the letters in his or her name.

-If student knows ten letters or more, he or she will trace every letter in the book.

-Students must do this strategy every day for it to be effective.

What the Research Says:

Research was done with 1,000 kindergarten students from an urban district.

- Students who knew between 6-15 letters in August took two months to learn all their letters.

-Students who knew at least 16 letters when they enterered kindergarten, took only one month to learn their letters.

Link of the Week - Jan Richardson Guided Reading/Reading Resources

" Guided reading instruction is only one part of the literacy program; the entire program also includes language/word study and writer's workshop."

Check out Jan Richardson's resouce page (link below) to get printable materials and strategies for teaching comprehension, word study, writing, prompting and scaffolding, and many more links! This site is AMAZING!! :)

Text Level Assessments

Thank you to all teachers for turning in TLA grids on time. All data has been entered and sent! By the end of next week, we should have new leveled books in the bookroom.

Teacher Needs Survey

Please take a couple minutes to complete the needs assessment survey. This will give us a better idea of how we can support you throughout this year. It will take no longer than 3-4 minutes. Click on the link below!

Important Dates

September 22 - 26th - College Week

September 24th - Joy out from 11-3 for Libscomb Partnership Meeting/Caldwell Elem.

September 25th - Lunch & Learn - ThinkCentral

September 27th - Community Work Day with Saint James

October 2nd - Lunch and Learn - Number Sense