For Sale- House of Usher


This beautiful and very gloomy mansion is ready for your approval.

It's waiting for it's owner to walk through it's creaking doors. The Usher home resides on an ample amount of land, it's white tree's give it the effect of being strangely beautiful in a bleak sort of way. The tern is deep and full of dark waters. This property has many rooms, and it is very dark, not much lighting to be had in this wonderful home.
If you are an Edgar Allan Poe fan, look no more! Because this wonderful home influenced him greatly to write "The Fall of the House of Usher".

For sale now for $219,000!

Soemthing you might want to know...

The previous owners have died in the home, naming Sir Roderick Usher and his twin sister Madeline Usher. There is a crypt where her body was held, but it is not there anymore, so don't fret! The house had been a longtime property of the race of Usher, given to each passing generation until Roderick and Madeline. And now it can be yours!

Forsaken Homes Dealer

We hope to find you the best home to for you, and this home would be perfect for a growing family.
A beautiful home spanning many acres:
  • Trees for the children to climb.
  • A tarn for the whole family to swim in during nice weather!
  • Many rooms for the whole family to reside in.
This place is for you!

This home will not disapoint!