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Five Tips for Making Sure Your Home Remodel Stays Under Budget

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Home remodeling projects have a nasty tendency of going over-budget. Ask any homeowner who’s done one and they’ll most likely tell you that it went over budget. While you can’t completely eliminate the possibility of this happening (you never know what curve balls life will throw at you once the project begins) you can do a lot to minimize the chances of it happening to you. Here are a few tips.

Set a realistic budget

That’s right. The first tip for not going over budget is to have a realistic one in the first place. The reason so many remodeling projects go over budget is because homeowners are way too optimistic. They assume everything will go exactly according to plan and they estimate based on the minimum cost of every single part of the project. A good rule of thumb is to budget according to the average cost for each aspect of the project, then add another 10 to 15% as a contingency. This way, if something goes wrong, there’s a good chance you’ll still end up under budget. If everything does go right, you have extra funds that you can put towards another project.

Plan a lot

Setting a budget is just the first step in planning a remodel. Another reason so many remodels go over budget is the homeowner doesn’t spend enough time in the planning stage. It’s understandable to be anxious about just getting the project underway but you’re much more likely to run into problems that way. Take your time, plan everything out in excruciating detail. Consult with the right people, and only then begin work.

Opt for laminate

Natural stone countertops like granite or quartz are all the rage in home design right now, as are natural wood floors. But these materials are expensive. You can purchase laminate that simulates the look of these natural materials but at a fraction of the cost.

Ask your contractor

If you’re working with a general contractor, ask him/her for advice for limiting costs. They’re experienced with working within a budget and can be a great resource for keeping costs down. Many have access to discounts at home improvement stores or access to leftover materials from previous jobs that can help you save money.


Prioritize smaller, less expensive projects that you can do yourself. If money is really tight, don’t attempt to save money by doing a complete kitchen remodel yourself. Instead focus on simple projects you can do easily by yourself. Install baseboard heater covers, hang new curtains, repaint the interior, or resurface your cabinets with new hardware and a coat of paint.

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Five tips for displaying family photos in your home

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The artwork in elegant homes isn’t displayed randomly throughout the home without thought. Each piece is selected carefully and placed purposefully in a specific location. The same thought and care should always be given when hanging family photos. The importance of family should be reflected in how family photos are displayed in the home. Here are five tips.

Choose the sizes carefully

The size and the layout of the family photos you choose to display are the most important decisions you will make stylistically. If you’re going for a symmetrical arrangement, you’re going to want photographs of similar size. If you want a mosaic or layered arrangement, you’ll want to vary the sizes of the photographs in your arrangement. You can then enlarge or shrink the desired photographs as necessary keeping in mind that larger photographs will need a high resolution in order to be enlarged.

Be innovative with framing

After photograph size and layout, how you choose to frame the photographs is the next most important thing. The frame should complement the photograph and set some kind of mood or atmosphere. A big mistake homeowners make is absentmindedly selecting a frame is the right size without giving any thought to how the frame will look with a given photo. Sleek, metal frames will give a display a modern, new look while elaborately engraved wood frames will create a vintage look.

Blend frames with the background

Though picture frames should complement the photographs, you don’t want the frame to draw attention to itself. It should blend into its surroundings. If it’s going to be hung on a single colored wall, the frame’s color should closely match that color.

Complement with ornaments

If you’ve got some photographs displayed on a shelf or some other surface like a cabinet or end table, you should accent your photographs with some kind of ornamentation. The ornamentation should be chosen carefully and should match the theme of the photograph. For instance, if you have a picture that was taken on a family outing to the beach, two or three seashells placed near the photograph will complete the look.

Don’t be afraid to be “artsy”

It’s your home, decorate as you wish. Certain rules can occasionally be broken especially if you want to create contrast with a particular photograph. You can go with a frameless photograph or you can have custom-made frames that have a unique color or design. You may even get a little artistic with the photographs themselves by having them digitally altered in a playful or bizarre way. It’s the quirky details that will make your home different from everyone else’s.

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