Awesome Bridge

Science Inquiry- Group 4 PM


Marshmallows, toothpicks, straws, pipe cleaners, tape, marbles, glue, popsicle sticks, sugar cubes, cardboard box, plastic sticks, and Q-tips.

Our Justifications

We chose these materials because we thought we could be creative and use them to make our bridge strong so that it would stay up.  We used the marshmallows to connect the materials because we didn’t have to wait on the glue to dry, and the sugar cubes were too hard.  We used the pipe cleaners to wrap around the sides to hold them together.  The cardboard box was used for a ramp for the car to get down from the bridge.

Next Time We Would...

Make a ramp on the front of the bridge so the car could get up the bridge.  We would also make the space bigger so the car would not get stuck in the bridge.  The ramp we had needs to be smoother so the car does not have so many bumps to cross.

Members in Our Group:

Jordan, Jessica, Sydney, Libby