A Little Bit Scary

By, Abby Reiner

You may think Vaper is a little bit scary but ...

  • His star shaped body is an extra hand to those who need it.
  • He goes horseback riding and injoys time with friends.
  • He plays soccer with his family, and always lets them win!
  • When you think he's greedy and takes alot he's really just getting thing for thoes who need.

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Good Deeds

  • Vaper gives to those in need.
  • Vaper is always honest.
  • Vaper is a good sport.
  • Vaper helps the earth by reclining.


  • Vaper has an older sister named Shmedly. Vaper always wressels with her.
  • Vaper also has a Dad. They love to go bording together.
  • Vaper also has a Mom. Together they love to read.


  • Vaper plays soccer for a travel team.
  • He horseback rides for his school.
  • Lastly Vaper loves to swim. He's fast at it too.

Vaper's Favorite Things.

  • Vaper loves to play soccer with his teammates.
  • Vaper loves playing with his horse Inreco.
  • Vaper loves diving with his sister.
  • Lastly he loves to hangout with his friends and family.