Working at Siemens

A career as an Electrician & Software Engineer.

What is the Siemens's Value

Siemens is a great place to begin your work experience at , and have career with a strong background. Siemens has about 343000 employees in nearly all countries of the world, It has multiple fields as:
  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Stock
  • Building Technology
  • Wind Energy
  • Energy and Automation

Working at Siemens is a great chance and opportunity in building you career, and getting a professional skills, It has a good benefits in healthcare, 401 k, retirement, and they have a reimbursement program for student without signing any contract, they have a flexible work schedule, especially if you are in school.

I have been working at Siemens for three years now, I am stable in my job and I have promotion track opportunities.

The following link shows what Siemens designers and developers made since Siemens was created by Warner Von Siemens from 1847 to 2011, and there is an explanation on each product as when and who invented it, and development growth.
On this historic Siemens, I did choose the video with the same correspondence and concept in growth to the link above with the slide animation.
History of Siemens ( Slide animation by Sohail Asim )