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Weekk of Jan 18, 2016 #Ibelieveinyou

Keeping you in the Know.

I hope everyone had a wonderful LONG weekend. It was so nice to be able to sleep in an extra day. I am still getting used to the early hours. Wow, I'm getting old!

  • Staffing update- we are in the process of gathering candidates for our 2nd grade special education opening, Hopefully we will be successful soon in our search. Thank you 2nd grade for your patience and thank you for Karen Smith for being a wonderful substitute!
  • Danielle Iodice's last day will be 1/20. She will be missed and we wish her the very best! Thank you Danielle for being such a wonderful teacher for your students. We will take care of them for you.
  • During the Annual Review of Cogburn Woods ES School Nutrition Program

    The Cogburn Woods SNP Staff is to be commended on:
    • Manager Jan and the Cogburn Woods Café team do a great job preparing and serving meals to students. Food looks great, procedures are followed and records are kept as required. Way to go to this first class team!
  • Tuesday we will have Redbird Training during our faculty meeting. Please be on time; 3pm.
  • Testing continues: STAR, ACCESS begins and Staff Surveys finish this week. Thank you for your support with the schedules.
  • 4th grade will have an In-house field trip this week.
  • 3rd grade says that their In-house field trip last week was so fun and a great success.
  • Hope to see you on Thursday night at Chick Fila or Friday night at BINGO!

Have a super-great short week!!


Personalized Learning update....where are we in this process?

Last Thursday a group of us (myself, Anita, Michael, Allison R and Sharon) went to learn about the process our school will start as we roll into Personalized Learning. it is not about the device but it is really about:

Personalized Learning environments engages students and motivates them to:

  • Think critically
  • Problem solve
  • Manage information
  • Collaborate Effectively
  • Take responsibility for individual learning and behavior

And includes:

  • Assessments
  • Inquiry based learning opportunities
  • the effective use of data
  • Mentoring and guiding
  • Using new technologies

CWES teachers are already engaged in all these practices. Stations and Workshops and DI.

WE will ALL be working together to plan, educate with information and trainings for everyone. The plan is not to roll devices to teacher teams until training and communication is developed and implemented. Most likely devices will be in classrooms a year from now but as early as the Fall. Knowing that everyone is at a different level of PL understanding, we will get feedback form you.

Please know I will communicate every step of the way so your readiness level will be comfortable.

Below are 2 videos to give a bit more clarity.... or so I hope.

I promise, more info to come in the next few months.

Personalized Learning at FCS
Sketchy Video: Personalized Learning Video

Speaking of Tech....

Turn off your computers each evening.....Please know it is VERY Important to turn off ALL your computers in your room each evening but especially on Fridays. We have had the honor of receiving recognition as a school for being energy conscious and we would love to continue with the honor. A student can help you remember, they would love to help. So remember....Shut 'em Down. Thank you in advance.
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Kindergarten comes for an office visit. We fit all 22 of them in my office :)

My schedule this week:

Monday 1/18- No School

Tuesday 1/19- Katie Reeves meeting 9:30 at Northwestern Middle School

Faculty meeting

Wednesday 1/20- New Principals meet- out all day

Thursday 1/21- in all day

Friday 1/22- IST interviews- out all day

Contacting me...anytime.

Please feel free to keep this number in your phone so if you ever need to get in contact with me you can by calling or texting me. Obviously this is confidential and should be used by staff only.


Looking forward....

  • Budget presentation to Leadership by LG and BV
  • Feedback from my survey and teacher meetings.... where to go from here
  • More Personalized Learning info
  • School Governance updates: we will get more info on 1/25 regarding our seed fund proposal.
  • In house Teacher Intent form
  • Committee for new Staff Handbook and Expectations
  • Meet and Greet Parent coffee with the new principal: dates to be announced soon.
  • Media Center furniture is being ordered by PTO... continued media center updates.
  • Pictures and staff celebration in the staff news, send me some if you would like. :)
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A secret Cambridge Bear dropped a gift off in my mailbox..... thank you! I love it!

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