Southeast PAECT Upcoming Events

2013-2014 School Year - Scheduled Events

October - Flipped Learning Event

December - Tech the Halls

February - PETE&C

March - Open House

2012-2013 School Year - Past Events

August - Happy Hour at Nodding Hill Brewery (Philly)

November - Hack Your Education Tour with Steve Hargadon @ SLA (Philly)

December - Tech the Halls at Gimaro Steakhouse (Montgomeryville)

January - Sponsored breakfast at Educon and facilitated a session (Philly)

February - PETE&C regional meeting (Hershey)

March - Open house at Brandon's House (Lansdale)

April - DEN Spring virtual conference at Wegmans (Collegeville)

May - Sponsored breakfast at Edcamp Philly

July - Family BBQ at Brooke's House (Collegeville)

Share Your Ideas!

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