What's Happening in 4th Grade!

September 16, 2014

Language Arts

Students are reading, reading, reading! The more we read, the better we read and write!

Reading and writing instruction are connected. As students become more proficient readers, they can include more descriptive vocabulary in their writing. As they learn how authors develop their characters, they can begin to use those techniques in their own stories. We can't wait to see how our fourth grade writers develop!


We have been learning all about adaptations! Ask your child the difference between structural and behavioral adaptations. In preparation for field trip on Friday, we learned that a watershed is an area of land in which all of the water flows to the same place. We are also examining the positive and negative impact humans can have on ecosystems. Understanding our local watershed helps us realize how our choices can affect our environment and water supply. We will be finding out more about our local watershed at Camp Albemarle!


Students have been brushing up on their rounding and estimating skills. They are using addition, subtraction, and estimation to solve challenging story problems. Students have been practicing various strategies for addition and subtraction through several games and projects. We will be wrapping up this unit next week and moving on to multiplication!

Camp Albemarle

We are so excited about our field trip to Camp Albemarle this Friday! It looks like the weather is going to be beautiful! Parents attending the field trip will need to drive themselves. You are welcome to meet us at school and follow the school bus to Camp Albemarle.

Students should bring:




river shoes


plastic bag to carry wet shoes

comfortable walking shoes for other activities

backpack for carrying everything

Word Study Quizzes

Students will take their word study quizzes on Thursday this week because of our field trip on Friday. They can turn in their cursive on Thursday or Friday.

Important Dates:

September 19 - Field trip to Camp Albemarle

September 22-26 - Book Fair

September 26 - Pizza Night & Book Fair

September 29 - Teacher workday - No school for students

October 3 - Field trip to Rotunda and UVa Art Museum

PTO Reminder

Please return or pay for the Attractions Coupon book. Thanks!