Radiant Rubies ~ May 2015


May into June

May was an incredible month and several of you did over $1k in sales! Our team sales totaled $8,794.00 with 19 parties submitted and 2 new team members! Those totes and inserts were a big hit and right now in June we have so many offerings for your customers and hostesses with the All-In tote (exclusive, not in catalog) and the Double Duty Caddy both in the customer special. Don't forget the weekly mystery items to offer your customers and party guests and your hostesses this month can get an amazing bundle including the All-In tote with zipper pouch and two Timeless Memory pouches in her choice of color schemes for $20 with a $200+ party or free with a $600+ party. She also has our popular hostess benefits like free credit and half priced items and hostess exclusives AND a new $31 bundle week to week! It's a lot! Show her what all she can get in June by posting something visual on your closed group or email/text it to those potential hostesses!

~Celebrate ~ Encourage ~ Reward~

May Stats!

Top PV in May ($600+):
Tessa Burrell, $1,138.00
Linda Mann, $1,102.00
Christina Muir, $1,101.00
Jeannine Whitley, $1,032.00
Amanda Bailey, $653.00

Top Party Girls in May:
Christina Muir, 3
Linda Mann, 3
Jeannine Whitley, 2
Tessa Burrell, 2
Amanda Bailey, 1
Debra Lowe, 1
Shaela Wise, 1
Casey Norris, 1
Brandi Clegg, 1
April Whitfield, 1

Dream Builders:
Michelle Lohan recruited Jennifer Valine!
Welcome to the team to our two new ladies, Jennifer and Debra Lowe who joined under me (Stephanie).

Look Who Was Selling in May!
Amanda B.
*If you sold in May and aren't listed because you've fallen inactive as of June 1 I do not have you listed on my downline report any longer and cannot view your results. Please message me to reactivate!

Stephanie's Stats:
PV: $1,875.00
Parties: 3
Recruits: 1

Contact Your Director

I'm always here for you! Need advice, help, want to make a plan for promoting to the next level or just booking more parties? Let's chat!
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Tips from the Top (COMING SOON)

There is no Consultant Spotlight this month due to my tardiness on the newsletter due to vacation but I do have some special Tips from the Top I'm collecting from some great 31 minute calls to share soon on our team page for all of you! Want to see what those are about for yourself? Go on TOT and in the search box type in TIPS FROM THE TOP and there will be a link to listen to these calls by upper level leaders in the company specifically asked to do these training calls based on their own successes in that area. There are some for booking, recruiting, selling and so on and if you can even pull them up on your smart phone and listen to them via headphones or even Blue Tooth in the car on your way to and from work, school, errands! I am listening to several of them over again and collecting some new advice from them I will highlight on our team page in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, check those out for yourself!