This Week at Summit.............

week of Sept. 19th

MAP Testing.... all finished by Friday!

Thanks to everyone's patience and flexibility this past week with MAP testing. One more official day on Monday (in the library from 9-11:30 or so) and then we just need to complete all of the make-ups. If you have library checkout on Monday between 8:30 and 12, you may need to make alternate plans.

Becky Hoida is now home from the hospital but now the recovery begins! Janis will continue to support in the office from 8-2:15 each day. We will have a sub in the library on Monday for Janis (same lady who has been in there so far). Janis will take over in the library from 2:15-end of day Monday-Wednesday this week. Jill will be in the library 8:20-2:15 Tuesday and Wednesday and then all day on Th and Fri this week. Becky thanks everyone for all of their support!

This Week......................

This Week:

Monday (9/19):

  • 2nd grade MAP testing
  • MAP makeups in the afternoon
  • Tune in to Summit Live at 3:20 for our PTO Catalog Fundraiser kick off

Tuesday (9/20):

  • 7:30 BLT meeting
  • MAP makeups

Wednesday (9/21):

  • Brian at Admin meeting all day
  • 10:00-12:00 4th grade Field Trip to FFA farm
  • 7:00 PTO meeting

Thursday (9/22):

  • F and P's for all "Reassess" students and New students should be in Skyward if possible by the end of the day.

Friday (9/23):

  • 7:45 Technology Committee Meeting
  • September Birthday Books
  • Summer Reading Celebration-- lunch and popsicle with last year's teacher for those who turned in their contract. (More details to follow).

The Following Week:

Monday (9/26):

  • Normal Day

Tuesday (9/27):

  • 7:45 PBIS Tier 2

Wednesday (9/28):

  • 7:30 PAC

Thursday (9/29):

  • 1st grade field trip to the farm
  • 3rd and 4th grade Data Meeting--4th grade AM, 3rd grade PM

Friday (9/30):

  • Homecoming!


  • Our Medical Alert Team is comprised of Julie Eppert, Mike Dirkman, Mel Olsen, Amy Popelier, Janis Graupman, Julie Rossa and Brian (Georgie Krenz when Brian is absent). When a "Medical Alert" is called from the office, we will all respond as soon as possible. However, since many of these people are with students here is the plan for coverage:
  • Mike Dirkman-- Classroom teacher of the class in PE comes to the gym so Mike can respond
  • Mel Olsen and Julie Rossa-- depending on the situation will work with classroom teacher of the room they are in or communicate with other learning strategists or paras on the walkie talkie to provide coverage
  • Amy Popelier-- if Carlie Bakken's class is OK, she will respond immediately. If Carlie's class needs support, she may tap into Sue Grinyer or Kristin Mc Coy who are both nearby at times.
  • Julie Eppert- AA's in the office will cover, in addition to the AA's making many important phone calls. Please only send kids to health room in a Medical Alert if it can't wait.
  • Georgie Krenz-- Julie Artz will report to Georgie's room so she can leave.
  • Janis Graupman- if she is in the office, she can't leave. If she is in the library, she will just go. If she is in the cafeteria or recesss, other supervisors will need to cover for her.
  • Announcements on the PA on Monday, but we will try Summit Live on Monday for the catalog sale and then again on Tuesday for announcements.
  • THANK YOU to everyone's efforts in getting Seesaw off the ground in your classroom! It is so impressive and fun to see!

Homecoming Spirit Week

Here is the Spirit Week plan for Homecoming at Summit (week of Sept 26th):

Monday: Crazy Sock Day

Tuesday: PJ Day

Wednesday: Neon Day

Thursday: 50's Day

Friday: Oconomowoc or Summit Spirit Day

Sign-up Genius for Hoida Family

Please click here if you are interested in helping the Hoida family with a lunch, dinner or breakfast over the next month.