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Fall Quarterly Newsletter

Back to School Principal Letter

Dear Delcastle Families,

Today is a great day to be a Cougar! It is hard to believe that the first marking period has already ended. By now, you should have received your student(s) first marking period report card. They were distributed to students on Wednesday, November 7. Please speak with your student and contact our guidance office in the event that your student(s) failed to submit it to you.

Over the past three months, your student(s) have engaged in challenging coursework that will equip them to be career and post-secondary ready. In an effort to enhance our students’ learning experience, Chromebooks were deployed to all of our students. I would like to thank everyone for the strong collaborative support that was demonstrated by students, staff, and our Delcastle families during the 1 to 1 Chromebook rollout. We are extremely excited about the additional learning tool and how the students and staff continue to expand the learning opportunities. This tool also supports our school-wide focus on communication skills where staff has expanded the number of opportunities for students to read, write and discuss content each day. We ask that you continue to support our communication focus at home by engaging in verbal conversations with them about their day.

As we begin to embark on the winter season, it is important to highlight the number of days that the students will have off. Please make sure that you continue to communicate to your student the importance of finishing out the semester strong. Each Wednesday has been dedicated to providing students with additional assistance after school. A bus is provided at 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. for students needing extra help. Students can stay with their teacher for the first hour and then go to the library for additional assistance with work. We have teachers who stay until 6:00 p.m.

This quarterly newsletter contains information about major activities that occurred during the first marking period. It also highlights achievements made by students and staff. As we progress through the year, we will communicate with you through our Quarterly Newsletter and Alert Now System when issues and topics come up that I feel are important to share with you. However, please note that our Digital Media Program posts information each week on Delcastle’s Facebook and Twitter pages. In addition, weekly push notifications are sent through Delcastle’s School Info App that contains links to Delcastle’s athletic webpage, Facebook, Twitter, and school website.


Dr. Clifton Hayes


Dates to Remember


12 - No School/Veteran's Day

16 - Fall Sports Banquet

19 - 8:15 am Mandatory Senior Class Meeting in Auditorium

21 - No School/Office Open

22-23 - Thanksgiving Holiday

26 - Board Meeting hosted at Delcastle

28 - ASVAB Testing


4 - Faculty Meeting

7 - PD Day/ No School for Students

13 - 6:30 pm Junior Ring Ceremony, Auditorium

17 - Board Meeting

18 - Interims Delivered to Students

22-31 - Winter Vacation


1-2 - Winter Break

3 - School/Offices Re-open

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Talk to the Space Station

On October 24, 2018, Delcastle students had an opportunity to talk with the space station as a result of a collaborative partnership with Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS). Each science class is supporting the ARISS contact through their lessons and class activities. Students prepare questions for the ISS astronauts from the information they obtained from the lessons. Just as on the International Space Station, teamwork is an important part of our mission to prepare students for a career and/or college. Students in the school’s Digital Media career program designed and produced banners and t-shirts and are using social media platforms to promote the ARISS contact. Students and faculty also designed a website,, so the community at large could learn about ARISS. Video production students documented the event and streamed the experience on Facebook live so all NCCVTSD students and viewers everywhere could participate. In addition, Hodgson’s academy of manufacturing/pre-engineering built the antenna used to communicate with ISS. Governor Craney, Senator DelCollo, Senator Hansen, Representative Brady, Representative Baumbach, Representative Williams, and NCC Executive Meyer were all in attendance with the Delcastle students and staff. It was a Great Day to be a Cougar!

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Delaware Student Council Advisor of the Year!!!

Congratulations to Mr. Tim Dorsey for being selected as the Delaware Student Council (STUCO) Advisor of the Year and will now start the process for the National STUCO Advisor of the Year. Below are just a few statements that were placed in his nomination letter.

In 2015, Mr. Dorsey was selected as our STUCO advisor. After attending the LEAD Conference in 2016, he was determined to revitalize our dormant chapter. The following school year he attended the LEAD Conference with a group of 9 students and 2 advisors. The excitement and enthusiasm generated from the conference was infectious. Our small group could not wait to get back to school to share and recreate our experiences. Not wanting to lose our momentum, with the direction of Mr. Dorsey, we immediately organized and planned schoolwide activities (Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Cafeteria Heroes, Appreciation event and a Spring Membership Drive) to promote school spirit and use our newly learned skills. In less than 1-year our STUCO chapter went from 10 to 75 students. This past school year, has been our best yet. Beginning the year with a membership drive our chapter is now 135 members strong and with Mr. Dorsey’s guidance we have organized, participated and executed 19 school and community events.

New Assistant Principal

Mrs. Nathalie Princilus recently joined our administrative team and is excited to serve as an Assistant Principal at Delcastle Technical High School. Mrs. Princilus started her teaching career at the elementary and middle school level for Newark Public School where she served as a Special Education teacher and Reading Interventionist. In 2007, Mrs. Princilus and her family moved to Delaware and served in various teaching capacities in the Brandywine School District’s Autism Program for four years. Then she started her tenure with NCCVT School District in 2011 as a Learning Support Coach at St. Georges Technical High School. She later transitioned to serve as the Coordinator for the Delcastle STEP Program, where she enjoyed three great years of amazing collaborations and professional growth with many Delcastle staff and departments. Prior to returning to Delcastle as an assistant principal, Mrs. Princilus was the Special Education Transition Specialist for the NCCVT School District.

Nathalie holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology, Masters in Special Education and is currently in the second year of her Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership at The University of Delaware. Mrs. Princilus has been fortunate to have served and collaborated with teams in all four schools in the district and she is glad to be back at the Castle!

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Principal for the Day

The Principal for the Day, Kevin Lucas, spent his day visiting career and academic classrooms. In the picture above, Mr. Lucas observes 10th-grade Electrical Trades student, Andrea Given, prepping wires to strip for electrical boxes. In addition to walking through various classrooms, Mr. Lucas also had an opportunity to shoot a video on the importance of Delcastle creating a pipeline of skilled workers. Several times throughout the day, Mr. Lucas shared with how pleased he was with the experiences that he saw our students receiving in the CTE areas. Delcastle students will be ready to work in the real world!
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61st Annual Delaware School Counselor Association College Night!

This event is HUGE and is good for all ages. So, whether you are a Senior still deciding, a Junior starting the process, or a Sophomore or a Freshman that wants an early look - there will be over 165 institutions represented at this fair - you are sure to get all of the information that you are looking for (and probably more).

The fair will take place on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at the University of Delaware Bob Carpenter Center, from 6:30pm-8:30pm and is FREE and open to all public.

In addition, the Delaware Department of Education will be offering a financial aid presentation to all who are interested: running from 6:15pm-7:00pm (also in the Bob Carpenter Center).

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The Delcastle staff members worked tirelessly to make this year’s homecoming memorable. From the staff winning tug-a-war to an awesome looking "future fifty" homecoming dance. So many of our career areas, staff members and parent volunteers made contributions in order to allow our students to enjoy a wonderful homecoming weekend. Special thanks are extended to our SAC, discipline team, secretaries, class and club advisors for collaborating to make our homecoming special. Finally, congratulations to our homecoming king and queen, Kimoni Biuwovwi and Nyla Thompson.

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Delcastle's Student Recognition Program

The goal of the ROAR Program is to recognize and celebrate Delcastle students who achieve a high level of academic and social excellence. The award will celebrate students who:

  • Display Respect for Self and school community
  • Take ownership of their own improvement
  • Know that the right Attitude will take them far
  • Are Responsible with their future plans

At the end of every marking period, all students who meet the following criteria will receive a ROAR award certificate and a small prize:

  • Earn a 3.00 or above GPA for the marking period
  • No discipline write-ups for the marking period
  • Only one excused absence for the marking period

Students will be encouraged to use social media to tell Delcastle’s story because we have outstanding students. We had 733 students will receive a ROAR Certificate and gift for the first marking period. Let's Go Cougars!!

We are they now

Local Delaware Community Supports Empowered Employment for Young Adult with Disabilities #NDEAM

Written by Elisabeth Sweet

WILMINGTON, DE. -- Tucked between Pulaski Highway and Church Road stands May B. Leasure School. Technicolor bricks accent the single story, H-shaped building. Giant, decorative blocks greet you at the entrance, and just as you open the door, you can hear the laughter of children ringing through the halls. The library is located on one of the four wings. It’s a generous size, with bookshelves lining the walls, categorized by the classic Dewey Decimal System. This week is a special occasion: Book Fair.

“We do the Book Fair so we can raise money and buy books for the library,” explains Glenn, who is interning as the Library Assistant, “The kids are enjoying it!” On October 16, 2018, Glenn is in his third week of his four-week paid internship. “My role here is to help the librarian to shelve books and basically to keep the kids in check and make sure they aren’t tearing each other apart,” he says with a smile, “I’ve always been good with kids. It just comes naturally to me.”

Glenn participates in ServiceSource Delaware’s FrameWORK for Success program, which supports young adults with disabilities as they explore job options and develop employment skills. The program facilitates volunteer opportunities and internships in the Delaware community to provide students with a variety of workforce experiences so they can make informed decisions about their career paths. These internships are valuable to the students and employers who come together to create integrated work environments.

Glenn’s paid internship was funded by generous supporters of the Small Donations, Big Impact campaign in July 2018; these supporters are primarily Delaware residents who seek to empower people with disabilities. Before his internship, Glenn was volunteering at the May B. Leasure School’s Library twice per week. “When I was volunteering I was only here for like two hours. And now with the internship, I’m here five days a week for four weeks. With volunteering you’re just helping out,” he explains, “But the internship is longer hours. There’s definitely more responsibility involved. It’s more tiring. On the other hand, it’s very satisfying to work with the kids and get paid for it in the process.”

Bonnie Gaws, the School Librarian, speaks highly of Glenn’s work ethic and his natural ability with children. “Glenn is an incredible asset. He does a great job, every day, no matter what the task is,” she says cheerfully. Ms. Gaws has been a longtime supporter of ServiceSource’s vision to empower people with disabilities. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and she has made the library a warm, bright, and comforting space.

The library is very active, with different classes filtering in and out, teachers requesting books and materials for their classrooms, and technology equipment issues that Ms. Gaws, who doubles as the Building Technologist, must address. Glenn helps with all these tasks and more. He’s developing a variety of skills that will help him throughout his career. “I want to work with kids in a school or library, maybe as a paraprofessional,” Glenn says. “I think you definitely need to pursue something with children,” Ms. Gaws chimes in, “You do a great job helping kids one-on-one, including those with special needs.” Ms. Gaws continues, “Glenn takes everything in stride when it comes to kids. He’s got the patience.”

“The kids are so sad to see him go at the end of the day!” exclaims Ms. Gaws when talking about the rapport Glenn has cultivated with the students. One of the most important impacts Glenn has on the children, Ms. Gaws has observed, is that “Glenn is a great male role model for the kids.” His kindness, diligence, and patience set a good example for all the children who pass through the library doors.

When asked what he would want people to know about his feelings on interning at the library and working five days a week in a field he loves, Glenn says, “I want people to know, never give up on your dreams. When I was a kid I had very low self-esteem, coupled with the fact that I wasn’t the most popular guy. I’ve learned that you should never say negative things to yourself. Back then, if I could’ve seen myself now, I would be super surprised at where I am today. I’m in a good place. I like myself.”

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month #NDEAM. ServiceSource is proud to tell Glenn’s story and others who are empowered by their work. Follow ServiceSource on Facebook @servicesource1 for more stories of inclusive and integrated workplaces.

About ServiceSource

ServiceSource is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to facilitate services and partnerships to support people with disabilities, their families, their caregivers and community members in order to build more inclusive communities. ServiceSource serves more than 25,000 people with disabilities annually.

Delcastle Sports

Fall Sports Honors

We would like to congratulate all of the fall sports coaches and their coaching staff for all your sacrifices and coaching our student-athletes up. Below are all of the students that received an All-Conference or All-State Honors. We are extremely proud of our student-athletes and the coaches who trained them.


2nd Team All-Conference -FB-Christian Richardson

2nd Team All Conference-C-Barrett DiVirgilio

2nd Team All Conference-LB-Christian Richardson

Honorable Mention All Conference-DT-David Ironkwe

Honorable Mention All Conference-Caden Johnson

Honorable Mention All Conference-David Balback

DIFCA Sportsmanship-Mykal Cunningham

Maxell Award-Christian Richardson

Academic All State-Mykal Cunningham

Academic All State-Shannon Cooney

Academic All State-Rueben Garnett

Academic All State-Savion Hollis

Academic All State-David Balbach

Academic All State-D’Iante Clark

Academic All State-Michail Griffin

Boys’ Soccer

Saul Robles Lomeli – 1st Team All-Conference, 1st Team All-State, Top XI, Regional All American

Alejandro Vasquez-Trujillo – 1st Team All-Conference, 2nd Team All-State

Miguel Zamora-Velazquez – 2nd Team All-Conference, 3rd Team All-State

Hector Gonzalez-Acosta – 2nd Team All-Conference

Rogelio Figueroa – All-Conference Honorable Mention

Field Hockey

2nd Team All Conference-Kaylee Neal

Cross Country

Jalissa Emmens All County, All-Conference


3rd Team All Conference-Marquira March

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Unified Flag Football

Congratulations to the Unified Sports Flag Football Team for making the playoffs. The second round of the playoffs will begin on Tuesday, November 20th at 3:00pm. Delcastle will play against Newark Charter at Neward Charter. Please come out and support the team. Let's go Cougars!!!

Boys Soccer

Congratulations to the Delcastle soccer team, Dr. Todd and the rest of the coaching staff for exemplifying the Delcastle way and great sportsmanship against Newark High School on Monday, September 25. Below is a note from one of the referees:

Today's game with your two teams was physical and fast-paced. All participants, by listening to the referees and respecting the decisions made, allowed us to let both teams play at such a competitive level. The captains were helpful in keeping things under control, the coaches by managing substitutions, allowed players, "on the edge", the opportunity to refocus on the game.

This is the way soccer can be played if all of the parties concerned make an effort to work together to secure a positive outcome. I sincerely wish to thank both schools for making this one of the better games I have had the pleasure to officiate over the past 5 years. I evaluate each year my role at the varsity level and have been thinking that the game, may have passed me by. However, games like this make me feel like I still may have an important role to play at the varsity level.

My sincerest appreciation to your schools for making me feel I may still be of value to Delaware High School Varsity Soccer.~ R. Robertson

Finally, we would like to cheer our Boys Soccer Team on as they get ready to compete in the first round of DIAA Soccer Tournament at 5:00 pm on Saturday, November 10th. They will face Ceasar Rodney High School at Smyrna High School. Come out and give a Delcastle cheer. Let's go Cougars!!!!

Jaquetta May set to finish journey from UD's 'Sweet 16' back to Delcastle - Sean Greene (WDEL)

Jaquetta May has come a long way from Delcastle's 2009 girls basketball state championship team, but now she says she's ready to give back to her alma mater.

The 5'9" guard who went on to play a key role in the most storied class in University of Delaware women's basketball history, accepted the head coaching position at Delcastle on Monday.

"It was definitely an opportunity where I felt like it felt perfectly in line," May told WDEL. "It's my old school, they have a really good team. It's a good opportunity to be confident and show what I've learned."

May has had a lot of experiences, including being on the floor at sold-out Bob Carpenter Center for wins over West Virginia and North Carolina, and then the 2013 Sweet 16 showdown against Kentucky, where the Blue Hens narrowly missed a chance to face UCONN in the Elite 8.Playing those elite teams is something Jaquetta hopes will help bridge the gap to the next generation of Cougars.

"I feel like I can really relate to the kids because I played in high school, especially at their school, and then played at the University of Delaware and playing in the Sweet 16. I feel like that's a good way to relate to the kids, to know that I've been where you've been, so hopefully I can help you get to the same spot, or hopefully even further."

May, who works as a mental health counselor at the Meadowwood Center in Wilmington, credited her Lady Sharks AAU coach Amber Hickman-Taylor for a lot of her success, and towards pushing her into the coaching ranks.

"Throughout my experience, she was the one who helped me, outside of my family, that helped me go to these college camps and help me get through recruiting, which my parents didn't always understand. I felt like it was something I needed to give back, because without her, I might not have ended up at the University of Delaware."

May met Hickman-Taylor when she joined the Lady Sharks in 5th grade, and has proceeded to work as a coach for one of the teams.

She hadn't worked with a high school, until Hickman-Taylor talked her into applying for an assistant position at Ursuline, the school that 2008-09 Delcastle team beat by a point in their opening game. She didn't know John Noonan well at the time, but that changed quickly after an interview.

"Sometimes I text him and I say 'I just appreciate you." Watching John coach, it reminds me so much of college. The things he's teaching the kids, are things that I was learning in college. Things I had to learn in my freshman year, but he's preparing these kids from 9th grade to learn these things and be prepared. You can ask John anything, and he can find an answer."

Another mentor she credits is Thom Quann, the coach of her Delcastle teams, who made a point to continue to attend many of May's games with the Blue Hens. She said her time with the Cougars were among her best in basketball.

“Those players, the coaches, they're my family today. That high school experience I always look back and say 'wow, I wish I could go back to that time.' I wish I could go back to that time when I didn't have any worries, it was all about basketball."

At Delcastle, May will inherit a program coming off 3 straight winning seasons, including a trip to the 2017 state tournament.They return 2 starters off a squad they went 11-9 in 2017-18, and she hopes she can rekindle traditions that led her to glory at the Bob Carpenter Center as both a Cougar and a Blue Hen.

"To have an opportunity to create that for other players is an incredible thing. I'm really excited about it, I hope I can give those same experiences, and help those girls have the same experiences I had."

If they accomplish that, they'll have some of the best stories of any player in Delaware girls basketball history.

Parent Notification - Release of Student Information

Requests for student directory information - which is limited to a student's name, home address, and telephone number - are routinely received by our school from colleges, military recruiters, financial aid programs, and similar organizations. On occasion, and at the expressed approval of the principal, we do make this information available. Parents who do not wish to have their son’s/daughter's name included on student directory listings can elect to do so by logging into the Home Access Center (HAC) at using your parent password or you may notify the school in writing. Please send your notification to the Guidance Office or email

The New Castle County Vocational Technical School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability, or covered veteran status in employment, admission to, or participation in its programs, services, and activities, in accordance with state and federal laws. The lack of English language skills shall not be a barrier to admission or participation in the district’s activities and programs.

The District offers additional services to students with limited English language skills or with disabilities so that they may benefit from these programs.

This notice is provided as required by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Questions, complaints, or requests for additional information regarding these laws may be forwarded to the designated school district compliance coordinators:

School Admissions/Programs: Kathy Demarest, Supervisor - Admissions

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