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This is being sent to my lines 1-4. xo's, Carrie

5 DAYS TO GO! - We are so excited to see you in a matter of days! What can you do now? Here's your checklist:

1) Register for the events below.
2) Book July shows so you're feeling great when you come back.
3) Get some rest!

If you haven't registered yet, please do so BY THE END OF TODAY

We want to make sure we have ample treats and goodies for you all so please rsvp to Monday Night's Team Gathering:


Be sure to also register for your WORKSHOPS if you haven't already. Space is limited and they're using FANCY bar codes on our name tags for entrance this year so you must register in advance. You can enter through here with the code you were emailed:


Tuesday Dinner Reservation Options: Certainly feel free to do whatever you'd like for dinner this night or if you'd like to join in on either Team Opportunity, please RSVP asap as space is limited:

Sarah Pearsall, Kristen Weiss, and Ginger Pingree have arranged a reservation at Mon Ami Gabi Restaurant in Paris. This will be a price-fixed meal ($50/pp including gratuity but not drinks/alcohol). Space is limited. Please RSVP through this link: http://divadinnervegas.eventbrite.com/

Want a less-expensive and casual option? Sign up for a low-key meal (possibly pizza/salad) in our in our Celebrity Suite. This is by no means a must attend event but a "if you're still looking for something to do" option! :) We'd love to have ya. First come, first served based on availability! Purchase tickets here: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/5646410566# ($20/pp)

Carrie McGraw will be popping back and forth between above dinner spots.

Then it's on the the STELLA & DOT DANCE PARTY!


Do you need transportation from the Las Vegas airport to your hotel? We have partnered with LASxpress to offer $19.99 one-way transfers or $39.98 roundtrip transfers (This rate is less than a regular cab ride). Click below for more information and to receive this special rate. You can also call LASxpress with any questions at 702.878.4141.


Wondering what to wear and pack?

1) Watch this week's Buzz as Jessica, Anita, and Mandy dish out what to pack.
2) Read Star Julie Lutz's perfectly real rundown based off experience--Love this Julie!

"With the goal of being packed and ready later today, I would like to disclose that I'm a dress girl. I'll be packing multiple casual dress options for during the daytime (remember to bring a wrap/sweater/scarf of some kind as the A/C is always blowing in the conference rooms even though it's going to be 1000 degrees outside!), both cute and comfy shoe options (you'll be doing a fair amount of walking and you'll want to have flats/sandals or flip flops when you're not wanting to look that EXTRA cute), some cute "going out" dresses, undergarments to help the dresses look decent (ugh!), a bathing suit and cover-up, a shorts outfit, a pants outfit (doubt I'll be wearing pants EVER), more shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, cute bag/tote to hold my "stuff" during the day (notebook, pen, gum, flats, misc.), jammies, jewels, make-up and toiletries. Did I miss anything? Everyone gets pretty trunk show cute during the day, and cleaned up adorable at night. No pressure to do or wear a thing, but you'll wanna feel cute among this great group of exceptionally ATTRACTIVE women. Not our fault, but we're all ADORABLE! ;)"

- Julie Lutz

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Shop in your closet and save your money for your samples.

1st Impressions Hoopla 2013 Facebook Page

One of the best ways we'll be able to communicate while in Vegas is by posting on our 1st Impressions Hoopla 2013 Facebook Page. Please join if you aren't on it already:


Here is the list of attending teammates from my lines 1-4.

Please pass on this email to any others on our 1st Impressions Team who may not have received it:

Alicia Hackney

Caralee Levinson

Kimberly O'Brien

Ginger Pingree

Denise Robillard

Sandi Shim

Melissa Spiers

Heather Stephens

Isabel Stover

janet walsh

Kristen Weiss

Tricia Allen

Sarah Anderson

Kim Bender

Catherine DeMello

Amy Heidke

Holly Henderson

Natalie Knowles

Lynn Montgomery

Michele Mosher

Ashley Nickerson

Marie Nyland

Kate Orme

Susie Pala

Sarah Pearsall

Ali Schnaer

Melissa Stevens

Pamela Thomas

Michelle Whitney

Vanessa Young

Laura Alexander

Kari Becker

Adrienne Bonds

melanie borchardt

Melissa Boyle

Debbie Brosnan

Patti Butler

Dawn Caldicott

Caitlin Fiorito

Stephanie Gaiser

Julie Gilbert

Angela Killian

Suzette Lipker

Julie Lutz

Ashley MacLeod

Anne Manuel

Sarah Mills

Tye Moore

Erin Reichert

aree wichman

Cathy Balanoff

Kimberly Boeschen Ribich

Rosemarie Connell

katie dreher

Allie Jorgensen

Marnie Kamensky

Jaime Kemper

Rebecca Maas

Dawn Maynor

Janice Stifler

Deborah Tranten

Kristina Whalley

Carrie McGraw

Did you miss the last Team Hoopla Update with our schedule? See below:

WE CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU THERE!!!!!!! xo's, Kristen, Ginger, Carrie, & Sarah