In Person & Virtual Course Updates

Killian MS Counseling Dept.

Parents & Students,

Here is more information to help you make informed decisions regarding the electives for Virtual and Virtual Plus Learning pathways. Remember that students who have chosen In-Person Learning, which is off campus/remote learning until Sept 8, will take the electives they chose at the end of last year.

MS Virtual Course Description Guide

This link, MS Virtual Course Descriptions, will give you more information about the courses that are offered in the Virtual and Virtual Plus pathways. This should help you make decisions regarding your electives in the two virtual paths.

Virtual Course Selection Form (Laserfische)- THIS WEEKEND

Some students who have chosen Virtual or Virtual Plus Learning Pathways will be receiving an email asking for confirmation of their courses. All core classes will automatically transfer to virtual courses and many electives will also transfer to the corresponding virtual course.

However, some students are currently scheduled for an elective that will not be available in Virtual or Virtual Plus Pathways, and they will need to choose another elective that is offered in the Virtual Pathway. Please follow the instructions in the email. It will be extremely helpful if you would complete the form ASAP so we can begin working on schedules. We can’t start creating schedules until you make your final choices! We appreciate your help getting this task completed as soon as you receive the email with the form.

Course Request Changes-- PLEASE READ

Some virtual students have asked about switching to a virtual elective and then returning to the original choice when we return to in-person learning. We will do our best to accommodate everyone, but we cannot guarantee that this will be possible. In addition, some virtual courses are not offered on our campus at all. Courses may not be available when we return back to in-person learning. As you return back to campus, we will give you an elective that has room to add students.

Virtual learners who request to drop Band, Choir, or Orchestra must:

  • contact the director by email/ phone to let them know of your intentions

  • contacting us to let us know

Remember, there are virtual options for ALL music and theater classes.

We are not taking course request changes at this time. Our staffing has taken place and we are limited by space, and locked in so that we can create an accurate schedule.

In Person or Virtual?

If you have changed your mind regarding the learning option you have previously chosen, the final day to make a change is Wednesday, August 5th. After this date, there will be absolutely no changes for student learning options. You have made a commitment to stay in the selection for the first 9 weeks of your learning experience. The district will provide an opportunity to make changes for the second 9 weeks in October. Click on the Link below to login to Skyward to change your learning option.

Schedules & First Day of School

We plan for schedules to be available in Skyward by August 17. You will receive another email with directions on how to access your learning platform, how attendance will be taken, when to come to school for electives or athletics (Virtual Plus) and other information that you will need for the first day of school.

Remember, the first day of school is August 19 for everyone. If you are virtual or virtual plus, you will begin work in Edgenuity on August 19. In-person students will start school remotely (through Canvas and Webex) on August 19th and the first day of “students in the building” will be on September 8th.

Virtual Pathway Updates

Virtual students are learning from the learning platform, Edgenuity, a video based & formative assessment teaching tool. We are confident that our district Learning & Teaching department has chosen a great program that aligns with the curriculum that we offer in school.

The virtual teachers (Killian teachers!) will be monitoring, tutoring, and assisting students with the Edgenuity lessons. Attendance for virtual students will be taken by the time spent in the program and assignments submitted, not necessarily showing up at a certain time to check in online.

Virtual music/ theatre courses that are not offered in Edgenuity will be provided assignments and lesson videos in Canvas.


Anu Daniel

7th Grade Counselor - all students

6th Grade Counselor- last names (M-Z)

Lisa Ingalls

8th Grade Counselor- all students

6th Grade Counselor- last names (A-L)