North Africa

Genocide in Darfur and the Birth of South Sudan

Genocide in Darfur

There is a genocide in darfur,sudan. 300,000 deaths in 2003 and 2.7 million displaced. 11,500 un and african union peacekeeping cant keep the peace. “the worlds worst humanitarian crisis.

Omar Hassan Al-Bashir is the president that could face genocide charges.

”Janjaweed are arabs that go on horses and camels and set fire to huts,steal cattle,rape people, and killing villagers.

Signs of Hope in Darfur

Darfur has had a troubled past they had years of genocide and little to no help from other countries/ the U.N. recently they elected a new leader, the U.N. is helping to stabilize the region, plus the U.S. is sending money to help the situation. the genocide killed 300,000 people and left many more in camps, most people fled to the camps because of violente in there home town. much more were forced leave there towns because of the food situation.

The bright side of thing in Darfur is farms are going back to there home towns and are starting to grow crops again for the first time 11 years. because theres less violentes and food again more and more are returning to there homes. there are 13 aid organizations trying to help and over $650,000 in aid to held the situation even more! American college students are raising money and awareness for Darfur.

Birth of South Sudan

Sudan had a civil war for five decades and lost 2 million lives total. South Sudan, aka the Republic of South Sudan, became a new country on July 9th, and Juba is now its capital. It is Africa's 54th state and has a population of 9 million people. It was the result of a U.S.- brokered 2005 peace deal between the Arab controlled government in the north and the rebels in the black-African south.

South Sudan's people have faced incredible challenges. Most of its people live on less than a dollar everyday. A girl that is 15 has a higher chance of dying in childbirth than she does of having finished elementary school. 75% of people can't read and one in ten children die before their 5th birthday. 1% of households have a bank account. 83% of South Sudan's people lie in thatched-roof huts. Sudan is its long time enemy. More than 2300 people have been killed in ethnic and rebel violence. The government is dominated by the Dinka, which is its biggest ethnic group, but there are many other ethnic groups in South Sudan that have rebel armies, including the Nuer. South Sudan will spend $700 million on security this year alone because of rebel groups.
Government troops settle disputes between fights over cattle and soldiers have been hijacking UN trucks that haul food. Hunger is a critical challenge; more than 3 million people need food aid to survive. It also produces 375,000 barrels of oil a day, which means it has a lot of potential. South Sudan is mostly Christian and Animist. The people of South Sudan have fought a long time for their independence- against the British, Egypt, and northern Sudan- and now they finally have it!

We should care about this because we could use a lot of the oil that the South Sudanese are producing.