Mrs. Solis' 3rd Grade Class

January 11-15, 2016

What we are learning next week:

Math- We will continue to work on our geometry language and concepts. This week we’ll be working with quadrilaterals and finding the area of regular and irregular shapes. A test review will be coming home towards the end of the week to prepare everyone for our DCA on Tuesday, Jan. 19th.

Reading - Students will explore folktales, fables, legends, and myths. We will talk about “theme” in these different contexts. Students will apply story elements into analyzing folktales.

Science- Students will explore with different animals and environmental changes. Students will use their academic vocabulary to express how an environmental change has affected an environment.

Social Studies- Students researched a person that has begun or changed a community. This week we will share out all the research with each other. Ask your child what person he/she researched and how it changed a community.

Writing- Students are working on a fiction story. Last week we developed the main character and this week we will focus on setting and sequencing the events of the story. Ask your child to tell you his/her story.


Homework is on Google Classroom. Students need to complete research for ISP.


We are in need of headphones for our classroom. Please send in a set of earbuds or headphones for your child. They will keep these in their desk and will not be sharing with classmates. You can find them for $1 at HEB and the Dollar Store.

Thank you!


I won a grant for alternative seating for our classroom from the Kappa Lambda Chapter of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, an organization of key women in education. I received a check for $250 in December. I have ordered a class set of yoga balls. Students will have the choice of a yoga ball or a chair at their desk.

Science Fair

The Science Fair is coming!

Please visit the Patsy Sommer Science Fair website for more information on the Science Fair coming in January.

Science Fair Night:

Hey parents! Are you a female scientist or do you know one? We are looking for women interested in sharing their expertise at Science Fair Night on January 25, 2016 from 5:30 - 6:30 pm. Please contact for details and to sign up! Check out our Science Fair website!

Wish List

Thank you to Eera, Madeline, Zeke, Katie, Kaitlin and Saanvi for bringing in glue sticks.

Prizes for the treasure box

Books for classroom library (send in books your child has read & is finished with)


Library: Every Tuesday

We have P.E. on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Please make sure your child has tennis shoes.

Running Club every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:15am.

Please initial your child’s planner every night.


Do not rely on an email or phone call to the classroom for transportation changes. Teachers are busy working with students during the day and often times don’t get an opportunity to check email until the end of the day. Please call the office during the school day so that they can get a message to the classroom.

Upcoming dates:

Jan. 14 – Report Cards go home

Jan. 18 - MLK, Jr. Day, Student Holiday

Jan. 21- Awards assembly @ 9:15

Jan. 22- 3-5 Assembly

Feb. 3- Early Release