Fight Song Yearlong Project Smore

Bharat Kalra

My Project

I did the Homeless Care Packages. We were asked by Mrs. Melson to buy items to make packages. We then brought them to school and on the day of the project, Mrs. Melson made us stay after school to package the items. We helped people by saving them from hunger for a while. We included snacks and canned food to eat. We brought wipes and deodorant for them to get clean. Basically, we helped people get things we take for granted. This project helped me learn a lot of things. It helped me realize how much I have and to be grateful. It also helped me be a kinder person.
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Helping Others

It is important to help others because you want to be a better person. Whenever we see a person who is scrambling for every coin and morsel of food, we should thank our destiny for giving us whatever we have. Most people live in poverty around the world, so they beg. People who don't live in poverty don't always understand how hard it is. People should start opening up their hearts and appreciate what they have. This will make the world a better place.
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The ASPCA are an animal rescue organization. They are dedicated to saving the lives of lost or abused pets. Over the past years that the ASPCA have been in service, they have saved so many lives of pets. The estimate is more than 15 million! The ASPCA has got me interested because they are an organization that doesn't worry about money, they just want pets to be safe. This shows that this organization has a heart and that they are serious about saving the lives of other pets. I am really good with animals so that's why I'm interested. I am really good with animals, so they won't be afraid of me. I will try my best to bring animals home.
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