The Death of The Coral Reefs

Save them!

The Main Issues with Coral Reefs

Coral Reefs are dying because of overfishing and the global climate change. Also pollution that is inland and coastal development cause coral reefs to die.

Negative Effects on the Environment if Coral Reefs Die

Coral Reefs protect shores from incoming storms. They also provide humans with the source of medication, and help communities with tourism. If Coral Reefs die then none of these things will happen anymore.

Main Regions that Coral Reefs are Affecting Them

Some places where Coral Reefs are being affected the most is between Australia and the south of Asia. There is also a problem to the whole east side of Africa. There are are not many problems with coral reefs in North America. Coral Reef destruction is the worst in the Philippines.

What Wildlife Is Affected By The Death of Coral Reefs And How

Fish are probably most affected by the death of coral reefs. Also many other organisms in the ocean are too. Organisms in the ocean eat algae which grows on coral so it doesn't overtake the coral reefs.

How are Wildlife Affected?

If there are no coral reef it means there are no algae to grow on the coral reefs. That means that some organisms wouldn't be getting food.

Does It Affect Us Today, And Are People Affected by This?

The death of coral reefs do not affect us today, bu everything is connected. It could easily reach us because we are close to water. People all over the world are affected by this in different ways. Since coral reef protect places from storms, storms can easily reach them now.

What causes The Deaths of The Coral Reefs, And How To Save Them

Overfishing causes coral reef to die, and so does global warming and climate change, because coral are sensitive to water temperature. Some ways to save coral reefs are to conserve water, dispose of trash the correct way, and to walk or ride a bike home sometimes. Also some ways to grow more coral is to sink rocks in the ocean to help coral grow on the rocks. This could work because it is very easy and simple to sink a rock.

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What Are Coral Reefs And What's Their Purpose?