How Can I Help My Child With AR?

September 2018

20 Minutes Every Night!

Research shows that in order for a child to improve his/her reading, he/she must practice reading at least twenty minutes each night. Please help us improve your child's reading skills AND support BISD's Read 2020 Initiative by including reading in your homework routine each night.

Children in grades 1-4 should bring home a library book every day after school. This book should be read at home and brought back to school every day. Once the book has been completely read, your child will be able to take an Accelerated Reader (AR) test on that book. When the AR test is complete, your child may return this library book for a new book at their teacher's convenience.

Each PASSED AR test will earn your child points with AR. Your child will have a point goal to meet each nine weeks. Completion of this goal will be one step towards earning fun incentives provided by our library!

First Grade Incentives

The first nine weeks of school will involve learning many procedures for our first graders. One such procedure is taking AR tests. We will utilize the first nine weeks to practice and familiarize ourselves with how to "do" AR.

Beginning during the second nine weeks, your child's teacher will set a personal point goal for your child. If this goal is met AND your child has at least 80% accuracy, he/she will be invited to the AR party for the current nine weeks. Please stay in touch with your child's teacher for more information on his/her point goal and AR deadlines.

2nd-4th Grade Incentives

Each nine weeks your child will have the opportunity to earn a special incentive for meeting their AR requirements. In order to earn each incentive your child must complete the following each nine weeks:

  • Met and/or surpassed their personal AR goal set by their teacher.
  • Read (and pass the AR test) for the required genres that nine weeks.
  • Have at least 80% accuracy on their AR tests for that nine weeks.
  • Abide by the Roberts AR Honor Code (NO CHEATING)

How Can My Child Make the Reading Team?

The following points are required, along with at least 80% accuracy, in order to make the Roberts Reading Team and receive a Reading Team tshirt:

  • 1st- 20 points
  • 2nd- 30 points
  • 3rd- 40 points
  • 4th- 50 points