Blog number 1

what moves you to create social change ?

something that encouraged me to move on and create a social change was when i started reading about poverty and started writing my speech. I was told to do a social change for my topic. after doing research and talking to people who are in poverty I realized that I need to do something that will make these peoples life's easier to live with basic needs. I will create a social change which will make a big impact on peoples lives who are in poverty. this means that they won't need to stress about the upcoming day and if they are going to have food or not.

why is your topic important ?

My topic is important because majority of the world is in poverty. Poverty is cause which is continued by generations. Poverty is a important issue because when a person is in poverty he has a shortage of basic needs but this can resolved if he contributes to not spend his money on waste of have a no competition against others. poverty occurs when you go out of control and then you have nothing left to survive with. Poverty isn't homelessness , poverty is something you bring yourself in to or if your poor.

what makes you excited about the sap ? what makes you apprehensive about the SAP

Something that excited me about this SAP is that I get a chance to do something which will help people in poverty. I really wanted to do social change which will change some people's life's. i would want to make a change a in a persons life because in reality a person is born to help others and that's what i want to do by doing this SAP. I am confident that I will help the people in poverty and make there lives better. I am scared that i might not be that successful in these actions. I am also scared because this is the first time I am doing this project and this is the first opportunity i ever got to approve my self that i can make a change in peoples lives.

what is your biggest hope and how will i achieve this ?

My hope is that I will be successful in this social action project and I will make a difference in peoples life. I will also earn a good make on this project. I will achieve this by doing two to three social actions such as food drive , twitter page and work with the salvation army. I am doing a food drive in my class and I have asked them to bring 50 cans in and if they accomplish that they will get a pizza party by me, each student will get two slices. The money to buy the pizza is out of my pocket.

what actions did you do and what actions will you continue doing ?

I am doing a food drive and a twitter page. I started the food drive in my class, the requirements for the food drive are that the objects cant be expired and the have to be non- perishable food items .This is a in class food drive and if the class collects 50 food items they will get a pizza party. My second action I have already started is a twitter page, which will help me make awareness about poverty and what you can do to help. I started this because these days everyone uses social media so by me tweeting people can find out and donate money or food to the people in need.