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Math Zombies

Tests your subtraction and addition to the maximum. There are zombies and they have a problem above their head, get the problem right, you can turn them back to humans. The more you stare at the problem, the zombie gets closer. The zombies hit you and you lose "life" points. If you get too many answers wrong, it will ask you to change the difficulty.

McGraw-Hill K-12 eFlashcrads

In this app you download flash cards that have a vocabulary word and its definition making it easy for your students to study.

Math 7

Math 7 is a very challenging math game that tests you in a lot of different subjects involving math. It gets harder every level. You are basically a monkey that is trying to get down the course of ladders using math skills.

Math Ninja Free

In this app you hit cat and dog robots and once you hit all the sheep you solve a math problem.

My Math App

In this app you solve addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems it times you for how long it takes to solve the problems.


The algebra app is a game app that tests your math skills. It includes 3 games on each stage, jumping game, flashcards, and the 30-second challenge.

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