Careers in Biotechnology

Emily Stinar and Mallory Pooch


When most people think of opportunities for careers in biotechnology, they think of a scientist in a white coat in a laboratory developing drugs. However, biotechnology has a wide variety of career opportunities ranging from sales and marketing, to research and development, to manufacturing and quality control and assurance.

Research and Development

Greenhouse Assistant

A assistant for a green house has many jobs like growing and caring for plants. The plants need extra clsoe care because they might be used in scientific study.

Education: High school diploma with some on-the-job training and experience

Plant Breeder

Plant breeders work to improve the quality of a plant and helping them work better as well as create new varieties. They try to develop useful traits like disease resistance or drought tolerance, or to improve characteristics such as appearance.

Education: Requirement are at least a bachelors degree in genetics or a closely related field

Manufacturing and Production

Product Development and/or Manufacturing Engineer

Engineer plan how the product will be manufactured which include the design of the product and the operation of machinery to make this product. They work on using devices that can be used to take raw material and turn them into salable products.

Education: At least a bachelors degree

Manufacturing Technician

Involves running of a assembly line and other aspects of manufacturing. A manufacturing technician keeps the process moving smoothly.

Education: Usually requires an associate degree

Marketing and Sales

Market Research

A market research analyst will do research to find out how much of the product or technology can be sold and at what price the product should be sold at. Whether there research is good or bad they can determine on whether to proceed with marketing.

Education: Bachelors Degree

Sales Representative

Once a product is ready to be sold a sales representative is responsible for getting retail distribution to sell there product. They must know all aspects and characteristics of the product.

Education: Bachelors Degree along with some on-the-job training