STOP Animal Abuse


What does Animal Abuse include:

Puppy Mills is an establishment that breeds puppies for sale typically on an intensive basis with conditions that are regarded as inhumane.

Animal Hoarding is defined as keeping a higher than usual amount of animals as domestic pets without the ability to properly house or care for them.

Dog Fighting is a fight between dogs, especially when it is organized illegally for public entertainment.

Root Causes for Animal Abuse

- People who have mental disorders or have been in abusive relationships are more likely to abuse animals.

- Also, people who are uniformed about how they treat their pet can be abusive as well as People who are/have been tied to criminal activity can be abusive towards animals.

Our Goal to Prevent Animal Abuse

We plan to raise awareness for animal abuse by creating a public service announcement [PSA] to show how you can take care of animals by volunteering your time and donating some of your money to animal shelters and PetSmart.

We also hope to provide a resource for reporting animal abuse and show people can heal and learn from therapy with animals.

Facts About Animal Abuse

- Today dogfighting has been reported in urban, suburban, and rural settings in all regions of the country

- Neglect and abandonment are the most common forms of companion animal abuse in the United States.

- 71% women who have been suffered from domestic violence have reported that their abuser had abused their family pets.

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Take Action

- End Dog Fights- call the police and/or the local humane society

- Boycott Puppy Mills- Report to the Police or Local Humane Society

- Stop Puppy Hoarding- Seek help from local Police

- Provide Animal Therapy for People- People can seek comfort and healing from the animals

Kids 4 A Cause
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What we Learned?

A'kylah- "That people do not know they are abusing animals intentionally."

Tristen- "That it is wrong abuse animals"

Harrison- "That there are puppy mills involved in animal abuse."

ValliAnn- "That it is bad that people abuse animals because animals are like human beings too."

Jesus- "I learned that their are different reasons that people hurt animals. There are people with mental disorders and past abused people who abuse animals."

London- "That people are mean to dogs."

Group 4- KIDZ 4 A CAUSE

A'kylah, Tristen, Harrison, ValliAnn, Jesus, London