Alex Hindman

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Basic Information

  • Vanadium-51
  • 51/23 V
  • 25 known isotopes
  • Atomic Mass: 50.9415
  • Atomic Number: 23
  • Number of Protons: 23
  • Number of Electrons: 23
  • Number of Neutrons: 28
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Physical Properties

  • Ductile!
  • A silvery white with a metallic look to it!
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Uses for the Isotope

  • Steel alloys in aircrafts and vehicles.
  • Also used in cutting tools such as knives, and saws!
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Interesting Facts!!!!!

  • It was almost renamed Rionium, but it was rejected!
  • It was rediscovered in 1830 after the original discoverer backed down from the discovery.

Radioactive Decay???

  • The breakdown of an atomic nucleus which ends up releasing energy andmatter from the nucleus!

Types of decay: Chemical Symbol……Description

4/2 He……Subtract

Beta: 0/-1 B……Addition

Gamma: 0/0 y…...Nothing

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