Colombian Mammoth Discovery

By: Lydia Krieger 3rd period 4/22/16 World Culture

Breaking News, Discovery of Colombian Mammoth

On a cheerful 1978 spring day in Waco Texas, two teenage boys " Paul Barron and Eddie Bulfkin, " found strange bones sticking out of the ground. Curiosity took over, so they decided to dig up these bones. These boys found a huge discovery, a mammoth herd, and a camel.
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The Science

Archaeologist are puzzled on how these massive animals died. Most mammoths don't die laying down, due to its vulnerability, and negative comfort. Scientist did research and believed that a mud slide fell on them, knocking them over. Though this makes since, there was a teen mammoth by the adults. Like elephants, mammoths get rid of their young when they reach teenage. Also the mammoths were in defense pose, which is where the children are in the middle, while the adults are on the outside protecting the young. So from running test the scientist concluded that the mammoths died from a predator, and then were buried by mud slide. People believe that mammoths were killed from hunters. Others believe from climate change, but they all died. When these massive creatures died, there was a major impact on the ecosystem. The heat of the earth rose due to more vegetation. Also there were less food for the predators, which caused many animals to die.

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Religious groups react to discovery

Many people hate to admitting they are wrong. Most religious groups deny or prove them wrong in any way possible. Some groups would make up an explanation, while others might just laugh and say that is stupid. Others won't listen.
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