Principal's Corner #19

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I hope you all had a fabulous break and enjoyed the time with friends and family. Coming back to Emergenetics was refreshing for me. Thank you for allowing me to be volunerable with all of you this morning as my profile was shared. The start of every year brings a lot of time for reflection and goal setting, and having a profile of my brain is helpful in that process. I find myself reflecting more this morning after learning more about myself and us as a school. It is my hope that you too found this to be meaningful. Hopefully, learning more about our strenghts will only help us continue to do amazing things for ourselves and our students. Thank you for being you and lets make this a great 2019!
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~Taken from You are a Badass Every Day

Please be mindful that IOWA begins Wednesday, Jan. 9, and that Amy will be testing students in her classroom from 12:15-2:45 Wednesday-Friday this week. Thank you.

Updates from the Science Liaison Meeting

  • We have begun the evaluation process to select a common resource which will align to the 2020 Colorado Academic Standards in Science (NGSS)

  • A Science Advisory Team has been assembled to support the evaluation process and pilot a new resource.

    • The EQuIP Rubric which is nationally recognized as an evaluation tool is being used to vette a new curriculum.

    • All contending vendors were required to submit an Request for Proposal and to be considered, the resource must be:

      • Aligned to 2020 Colorado Academic Standards in Science (NGSS)

      • K-8 Resource

      • Hands-on, kit based units

      • Previously vetted

  • Decision on vendor/resource to pilot is expected by the end of January 2019

  • K-8 Pilot will be conducted in the Fall of 2019- Science Advisory Team will be piloting unit(s)

  • Decision on vendor/resource to purchase is expected by January 2020

  • Implementation begins Fall 2020 (Implementation schedule to come)

  • Furthermore, a review of the district resources for 5th Grade Human Growth and Development will occur at the beginning of next year.

Use the form below to sign up for a PST Pre-Referral Meeting

Please see the updated meeting schedule below. We will review it at our Rams staff meeting this week.

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Important Dates

  • Monday, January 7: Non-Contact Day
  • Monday, January 7, 8:00-12:00: Emergenetics is coming to COT
  • Wednesday, January 9: Staff Meeting 3:00-3:40
  • Wednesday, January 9: Katie out in the morning
  • Tuesday, January 12: Katie and Ashley out in the morning
  • Thursday, January 17: Katie and Ashley out in the morning
  • Thursday, January 17: PAC Meeting, 6-7pm Innovation Space
  • Friday, January 18: Katie and Ashley out all day
  • Wednesday, January 23: Katie and Ashley out all day
  • Thursday, January 24: Katie and Ashley out all day
  • Tuesday, January 29: SpEd Collaboration Day, Conference Room during planning
  • Wednesday, January 30: District PASS Meeting 6:00pm at CCHS
  • Friday, January 1: Jump Rope for Heart Assembly at 1:30pm