Hoary Bats

Endangered Species of Hawaii


Hoary bats are a very unique species of bats that originate from Hawaii. Their fur is long and soft with dark brown and black at the base overlapped by a broad band of cream color then a thinner band thats brown and white. The unique fur is what makes them so different. Hoary bats are usually 13 to 14.5 cm long with a 40 m wingspan and weigh up to 26 grams. Like any other ordinary bat Hoary bats use echolocation to hear sounds. Although, these bats are very flawless they are endangered. Read more to find out what society is doing to protect these helpless creatures.(Shump Jr, K.A. and Shump, A.U. (1982) Lasiurus cinereus. Mammalian Species, 185: 1-5. )

Food Chain

Hoary bats mostly eat different kind of insects. Hoary bats do not have any predators. They find most of their food in the forests of Hawaii. Hoary bats are omnivores.(Tuttle, M. (1995) The little-known world of hoary bats: Strong, tough, and beautiful, the hoary bat stands out among American bat species for its unusual adaptability. BATS, 13(4): 3-6.)

Hoary Bat Feeding Time


Hoary Bats are on of the most world-wide creatures. They are found in South America, Argentina, Chile, north through Uruguay, Paraguay, southern Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Columbia and Venezuela, through parts of Central America and into most of the United States and Canada. This species also found in hawaii. Hoary Bats live in an area of dense vegetation. They prefer to roost in trees that are about 3-5 meters of the ground. They are found in deserts and in forests.(Valdez, E.W. and Cryan, P.M. (2009) Food habits of the hoary bat (Lasiurus cinereus) during spring migration through New Mexico. Southwestern Naturalist, 54(2): 195-200.)


Bats are the only flying mammals so adaptations are mostly for flight.


Hoary Bats are endangered but are on the least concern list.The population of the Hoary bat could be threatened by habitat loss, pesticides, predation, and roost disturbance.