Lakeville Elementary School

2020-2021 School Supply Lists

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Kindergarten Supply List


1 standard pencil box (hard case)

1 set of headphones (no earbuds please *Walmart Black $4.99 pair work best!)

12 glue sticks

1 box of Crayola washable markers (classic colors)

4 boxes of 24 Crayola crayons

1 package of black Expo dry-erase markers

1 pair of scissors

1 plastic folder with 3 prongs

WISH LIST (If you can provide these we would greatly appreciate it!)

No. 2 Ticonderoga

Clear sheet protectors

Ziploc gallon size bags

Ziploc sandwich size bags


Bottle hand sanitizer or refill bottle

Box of tissues

Lysol wipes

Container of baby wipes

Ream of white copy paper

1st Grade Supply List

First Grade School Supply List

1 set of headphones

2 boxes of 24-count Crayola crayons

6 Elmer’s glue sticks

24 pencils

2 one-subject spiral notebooks

1 pack of 4-count Expo dry erase markers (black only)

1 pair of children’s scissors

1 three ring binder with clear front pocket (1 inch)

2 plastic folders with pockets and prongs

1 ream of white copy paper

1 plastic pencil/supply box


1 set of plastic page protectors

Hand sanitizer (8 oz. or larger)

Boxes of tissues

Sanitizer wipes or baby wipes

Gallon-size Ziploc baggies

Sandwich-size Ziploc baggies


Washable Crayola markers

2nd Grade Supply List

· Pair of headphones

· 2 spiral journals

· 2 plastic folders with prongs

· 1 pack of wide ruled paper

· 1 pack of pencils

· 1 pack of crayons

· 1 crayon box

· 1 pair of scissors

· 1 pack of black Expo markers

· 2 glue sticks

· 2 rectangular erasers

· Hand sanitizer

· 1 box of tissues

Wish List

Plastic sheet protectors

Ziploc bags (gallon and sandwich)

Band Aids

Lysol wipes

Ream of copy paper

3rd Grade Supply List

· Personal Pencil sharpener

· 1 pack of 24 Crayons

· 1 pack of Washable Markers

· 4 Big Pink Eraser

· 4 spiral notebooks (red, yellow, green, blue)

· 24 Pencils

· 4 Glue sticks

· Scissors

· Head phones

· Pencil box

· 4 Black Expo Markers

Wish list:

· Highlighters

· 4 boxes of Tissues

· Hand sanitizer

· Lysol Wipes

Gallon Ziploc bags

Quart Ziploc bags


Baby wipes

Ream of white copy paper

4th Grade Supply List

4 Spirals notebooks (red, green, blue, yellow) wide rule

Pencil box

4 packs Ticonderoga Pencils

Headphones or earbuds (non-wireless)


Crayons (Crayola) 24 count

1 pack black Expo chiseled tip markers

4 2 pocket folders with prongs (red, green, blue, yellow)

1 pack of glue sticks

1 pack highlighters

Cap erasers (1 pack)

Optional supplies that would be greatly appreciated: Hand Sanitizer, Clorox Wipes, band aids

5th Grade Supply List

  • Spiral Notebooks (4)
  • Pencils
  • Personal Sharpener
  • Scissors
  • Headphones (Personal Use)
  • Crayons
  • Glue Sticks (4)
  • Pencil Box
  • Pocket Folders (4)
  • Ruler
  • Notebook Paper
  • Large pink eraser
  • Water Bottle (Personal Use)

Wish List

· Highlighter

· Expo Makers

· Ream of Copy Paper

· Hand Sanitizer

· Lysol Wipes

· Band-Aids

· Box of Tissue

Lakeville Engineers

Lakeville Elementary, home of the engineers and our own railroad museum, is "On Track For Excellence!"

VPK Supply Wish List

Students need tools to maximize learning! Please supply your student with the following items to begin the year, if possible. Please do not label any supplies, except where noted.

Extra Clothing (top, shorts, underpants, socks) in Ziploc bag labeled with name.

25 heavy weight page protectors

Plastic tub or refill of baby wipes

Boys: 1 package of white paper plates

Girls: wiggly eyes or chenille stems

2 boxes of 24 count crayons (Crayola only) please label with your child’s name

1 box of washable markers please label with your child’s name

1 paper towel roll

1 package of Play-Doh

4 packages of Elmer’s glue sticks

1 poly (plastic) folder-please label with your child’s name

Plastic baggies (by last name) 1 box-A through F: gallon size, G through L: quart size, M through S: sandwich size, T through Z: snack size

For rest time: sleeping mat and your choice of a towel or a small blanket. Please label all items with your child’s name.