Angelica Reichardt

Daily Activities

Plan, review, and revise material for publication in newspapers, magazines, books, and websites.

Working Conditions

Have a medium level of social interaction. Editors talk to authors and reporters but also but also spend time alone reading manuscripts.

May be exposed to loud sounds and distracting noise levels, especially when working in a news room.

Repeat the same physical and mental tasks. This is important when editing and working at a computer.

Work more than 40 hours per week.

Yearly Wages

$48,620 per year

Preparation and/or Training

Have a high school diploma or equivalent

Have a bachelor's degree

Have one to five years of related work experience

5 Important Skills and Abilities

Read and understand work-related materials

Understand written information

Write clearly so other people can understand

Speak clearly so listeners can understand

Think of original, unusual, or creative ways to solve problems

Recommended Core Classes and Electives



Creative Writing