By: Selena Romero

Meet the Element

Selenium is found on the periodic table in group 16 and its symbol is Se. Its atomic number is 34, electrons 34, neutrons 45, and an atomic mass of 78.96 amu. Seleniums normal phase is a solid, and it also cost $300 per pound. The melting point is 217.0 degrees Celsius ant the boiling point at 684.9 degrees celsius.


Selenium is a nonmetal Belonging to group 16. The origin of the name Selene means the moon. it was discovered by Jons Jacob Berzelius. Interesting facts about selenium It can convert light into electricity, it can convert ac to electricity to Dc electricity, it is an additive to stainless steal and it also helps in herbal health products and vitamins, and a common Compound of it is Hydrogen Selenide (H2Se)