The Muscular System

By: Emily & Kylie

How Does The Muscular System Work?

The purpose of your bones is to move your body. You don't have control of your muscular system but you do have control of the arms, legs, neck and torso. You have 3 different muscle tissues

smooth, cardiac, and voluntary. When the actin and myosin contract in the muscles , the

muscle shortens and the bones are pulled closer together.

Interacting With The Nervous System

The Muscular System works with the Nervous System because usually you think before you move. The cells of the Nervous System

are connected to most cells in your Muscular System.

What Can Go Wrong With The Muscular System?

Something could go wrong in your Muscular System is that when one of your bones break.

This is bad for your bones because if you break a specific bone you can't do a specific things with your bones if they are broken.

This is how your Muscular System works.