Yellowjacket Firsties

We LOVE our Firsties!

What are we learning?

Reading: We are learning about building strong reading habits.

Writing: We are learning to write "how-to books."

Phonics: We are learning about "magic e" at the end of words. (CVCe words)

Math: We are learning about adding and subtracting strategies within 20.

: We are learning about the scientific properties, and sorting objects by properties.

Social Studies: We are discussing history and fact or fiction.

PTO Auction

All PTO Auction Donations are due by Nov. 20th.

The Clinkscale Silent Auction will go live starting December 10th - 13th. 100% of the money raised will be given back to each grade level. The grade level that raises the most money will also see that amount double. The PTO will match the grade with most money earned. The teachers of each grade level will get to decide what they need the most.

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Big Kahuna

Our annual school fundraiser is now happening!

Big Kahuna

When an item is sold send back a ticket so your child can receive a special prize. Thank you for your contributions and hard-work to support our school.

The Fundraiser ends on Tuesday, Nov. 17!

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Lexia & Dreambox

Your child is welcome to use their school device to utilize Lexia and Dreambox after school hours. Each minute completed outside of school your child will receive Clinkscale cash. They can access Lexia and Dreambox through their school Clever Portal. Thank you for all your continued support at home. Please email your child's homeroom teacher with any additional questions/concerns.

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At Home Readers

We know that some of your kiddos may master their take-home books quickly and if so, that's great. However, we don't want them memorizing the words and lose purpose. If your kiddo is there, here are some ideas to help keep them engaged in their book and still learning.

  • most importantly, do they understand what they are reading? Ask them questions about what they read like: Who are the characters? What is the setting of the story? What problem does the main character have? How was the problem resolved? For nonfiction texts: What did they learn about the topic?
  • have them tell you the snap words they find
  • they can write a list of those snap words
  • write the snap words in a sentence
  • write the words that were difficult for them
  • write those difficult words in a sentence
  • choose words to write in a fun way (pop-out words - we have been talking about them)
  • have them identify the vowels and consonants in words
  • make up a new ending to the story
  • write a sentence telling about something they learned from the nonfiction text

As always, if you have any questions/concerns, please email your child's homeroom teacher. THANK YOU for your continued support!

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Personal Devices & Schoology Support

Please continue to supply headphones, a personal mouse if desired, and their device daily.

Don't forget to charge them nightly.

If you have any problems with Schoology please contact the support line.


We love our firsties!

Please email us with any questions or concerns!

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