News from Mrs. Smith

November 17 - 21


I am sorry this email is so long, but it’s loaded with a lot of information about our upcoming week.

We have had a busy week and another one coming up. In math we completed Topic 4 Test. I am so pleased with how well the students did on it. We are now introducing Topic 5, multiplying 2 digit by 2 digit where one is a power of 10 (25 x 30). We will take this Topic test on Friday with a review for it on Thursday. Because of the shortened class time due to water safety we will only have 1 multiplication quiz next week on Friday before the Topic test.

In science we are starting Electrical Energy & Circuits.

Please keep reading for the “8 is Great Challenge”.

The Turkey Trot is next Friday during our Specials time 10:10-10:55. All students, teachers, parents, siblings, grandparents & friends of Polser Elementary students are allowed once a background check is completed. We will be outside, behind the gym if weather permits & if there’s rain we will be in the gym.

Please have students bring donations only on 11-21 during specials. If possible, the ADA would prefer online or check donations.

Water Safety Information & Schedule:

11:15-11:45 Lunch for Smith & Bogard’s class

12:00 Board the busses for the Natatorium

2:00 Arrive back at school

Students have been told to bring a water proof bag to keep their clothes in so they don’t get wet. This water proof bag can be a grocery or small trash bag, you don’t need to buy anything specific for them. Girls are not allowed to wear a bikini, they must wear a tankini or a one piece. Their stomach area must be covered, they may wear a t-shirt to accomplish this requirement. If they have long hair it must be kept in a pony tail or put up. They may bring goggles to wear, but are not required to do so. Students will be allowed to take a quick shower to rinse off the chlorine.

Please follow me on Twitter @4thgradeproud for pictures of the students activities at the pool.

From Ms. Garrett about what we she is teaching us in counseling.

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Thank you for your support.

Laura E. Smith

Polser 4th Grade