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Overview of KET's Services

To followup on our recent contact I wanted to share these resources from our KET EncycloMedia services plus stand-alone sites that can help make the concepts you are presenting come alive and engage your students in fun and exciting ways. Take time to explore and enjoy them yourself!

For more information or assistance regarding any KET service or feature, this link takes you to contact information for all the KET education consultants, (including me of course.)

Check out the map to find your education consultant's information. http://www.ket.org/contact/education.htm

KET 2014-15 Education Resources Book

Here is a link to a PDF version of this catalog of our free services and resources. If you did not receive a hard copy of it in your school's mail and would like to have one, then email me and I will send you one (as long as our supplies of print editions last). This is a fabulous overview of our services and resources for all grade levels.


This website is your first stop for all things instructional as far as KET is concerned. The right side of the page is an ever-updating news feed and the left side consists of two columns of services and features. Check it out at www.ket.org/education
Below this entry are some examples of some of the most used resources found on this site.
To start our summary, the following resources are "stand- alone" resources meaning, they are not part of the services found in KET EncycloMedia
KET News Quiz
News Quiz is KET’s weekly 15-minute current events program for grades 4-8. The program consists of news segments; a current events quiz; letters to News Quiz; and Earth Trek, Our Great State, and FYI segments. The program can be streamed or downloaded from the site.
Scale City
(grades 6-8)- Welcome to the biggest, smallest road trip ever! Explore amazing roadside attractions and learn about the mathematics of scale. At each stop, a short video field trip and a fun interactive simulation help you understand proportional reasoning.

KET Electronic Field Trips

Take a look at some of these virtual trips around the state. The following trips are the most current and filled with great information presented in an engaging way!
  • The Belle of Louisville,
  • The Watershed
  • The Belle field trip comes with wonderfully interactive websites and the watershed trip is linked to a larger project with great teacher PD called "Raindrops to Rivers"!

KET EncycloMedia

The following resources and features are all found within PBS Learning Media, one of the three "media warehouses" that make up KET EncycloMedia. This service along with KET Ed on Demand is free to all Kentucky schools whether, public, private, or parochial. Discovery Education is a fee based service (see note below). To access any of KET EncycloMedia's services go to this website: www.ket.org/encyclomedia
To download an explanatory diagram of the KET EncycloMedia service for your use or to share with others, click this link: KET EncycloMedia Diagram 2014-15
Big image
Note: Discovery Education requires a passcode to create accounts. Kentucky Public Schools and Kentucky university teacher education programs have access to these accounts through a contract between the Kentucky Department of Education, KET, and Discovery Education. All other educational institutions would need to contract independently with Discovery if they would like an account.
Highlight of Some PBS Learning Media Resources :
Check out some of these resources and features from this service with over 87,000 resources. Included below is a link to a quick video tour created by my colleague, Helen Morrison. It is an excellent overview. Then check out the galleries of some of my favorite resources in the service!

A Great Example of a STEM Resource from PBS LearningMedia

Simple Solutions:

This is one of my favorite examples of a video that touches on all aspects of STEM but especially, engineering, science, and technology!

Click here to go directly to it.

PBS Learning Media Dashboard and Tools

In the PBS Learning Media Service there are now new tools that allow you to create "StoryBoards", Lesson Plans and Quizzes to share with students. Check them out!
The following screen captures show where these are located on the site. I am also including here a link to a more in-depth step-by-step 'S'more" on these tools and how to use them, created by colleague Cynthia Warner: https://www.smore.com/r77u7
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Big image
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Here is a link to an example of a storyboard created in PBS LearningMedia using a student account. Science and Engineering of Bridges

DIscovery Education Streaming

Take a look at some of the new features of this service which houses around 100,000 instructional resources including images, videos, audio files, articles, and interactives.
This overview looks mainly at two new features, the QuickList, and Board Builder.
(Note: You must have a Discovery account to look at the service and you will need your school's "passcode" to create one. To obtain this passcode either check with your building or district technology coordinator or contact me via email with your school name and I will send it to you. )
Discovery Education Quick List
This new handy feature of Discovery Ed. allow you to quickly "bookmark where resources are located by putting them in a "thumbnail filmstrip" display at the bottom of the webpage. This allows you to pull that resource up quickly or even drag the resource into a board builder board you are constructing. Once in the quicklist the resource can also be placed in "My Content" , other builder tools, or assigned to a class or student. It is so quick and easy!

Discovery Ed. Board Builder

If you have ever used web tools like Glogster© or Padlet©, then you know the value of being able to quickly and easily create a single page website that you can then load with a variety of multimedia content. Boardbuilder allows you to do this within the Discovery service. You can drag videos, images, and other content to the board from your quicklist, access it from your My Content folders, link to other websites independent of Discovery, and even upload original files of many formats including videos, powerpoints, flash animations, etc. You can even attach files to the board for others to download. You can also search for boards created by other users. This is truly an awesomely flexible tool which both students and teachers can use. Explore it today!
Here is a link to a Board Builder board I have constructed as an example. (Note: You must have a Discovery account to be able to access this or any board within the service.)
Virtual Physics Labs- Here is a link to the webpage for the Virtual Physics Labs which were created as a companion to KET's online Physics courses.