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August Month End!

August Booking Incentive Winners!

Hi Ladies!
I can't believe that the end of the summer is almost upon us! July always seems like it's rolling along nicely at a leisurely pace and then the calendar flips to August and the days fly by. So here we are! Before I get to a few end of month reminders, I want to finally announce the winner of August's booking challenge...
August Incentive Winners
Congratulations to the winners and actually to all of you who participated as these shows are going to set you up for a fabulous Fall and 4th Quarter selling season!

Month End Reminders!
It's that time again! If you are "thisclose" to meeting one of your goals... be it achieving your extra 5% commission by selling over $2308 or if you are shooting for earning that $100 consistency bonus at the end of this quarter by hitting $500+ in sales, than go for it!! Don't leave those free business supply credits on the table and wish later that you had made the push when you are spending $ on Look Books. Trust me... you want to save your $ and reinvest in the latest samples, not paper goods! :) So if you are only a few orders away from hitting that $500 mark, go for it! Here are a couple of ways you might get a few extra orders before month end...

Jewelry Is the Perfect Accessory for a Getaway!
If you are traveling over the Labor Day weekend, tuck a tote of jewelry into your Getaway Bag. Not only will you wear a few pieces over the weekend, you may just sell a few when you respond to those compliments that will roll in when you are wearing the Fiona out to dinner! Or if you are meeting up with friends or family, you can always turn that backyard BBQ into a super casual trunk show! BTW, you can always sell your piece right off your neck and just ship the replacement to yourself!

Back to School Jewels...
This is the time of year when moms are scrambling around, buying back to school cloths, backpacks and school supplies. Many of them have little girls who are heading off to school for the very first time and might be feeling nervous or entering a new grade and feeling like a big girl. I know when I first sent Mia off to school on the bus the very first time, I had given her a little soiree bracelet saying it was like a hug she could take with her.* I have had several clients purchase this type of gift in the past, and with the brand new re-launch of the girls collection, it's the perfect opportunity to talk about it now! And... while they are shopping... you may just want to point out a piece or two that they might like themselves as a "I survived summer vacation" treat! BTW... this also makes a fabulous Sept. trunk show theme. You shopped for them, now it's time to do a little "back to school" shopping for yourself as you catch up with your girlfriends and swap summer vacation stories!

Last Days of August Hostess Special
There are still a few days left in the month, and it's not too late to turn Friday cocktails or that Saturday picnic into a trunk show and get your hostess $50 extra in free style rewards - just for adding jewels to an already planned event!

If you have other ideas and would like to share them with everyone, post to our Facebook Page! If you are close to your goal and would like to brainstorm one to one, shoot me an email! and we can set up a time to chat!

(*A little story about my attempt to help my youngest get off to school on the bus... It didn't work so well, as had to pry her little arms off me because she wouldn't let me get off the bus. I know I cried more than she did. My neighbor, and the video footage that my 7 year old son shot can attest to it. Here's a tip: No matter what, do not get on the bus with them, wear BIG sunglasses and DO NOT give your son your phone to record the moment for posterity. Sigh.)

And Finally... A Welcome :)

Please give a warm welcome to Alyssa Watson from Bar Harbor, Maine! I met Alyssa almost a year ago at an event I did there for Fashion Night Out. As soon as she walked in, I knew that Stella & Dot would be in her future. We did a trunk show together with her sister that Fall, and I have been bugging her ever since. ;-) She is one of those people that you just want to be around and is probably the most stylish gal on Mount Desert Island. Alyssa works full time and is planning a wedding for next Fall so she will be fitting in her new Stella & Dot business around her schedule, and hopefully paying for her honeymoon by making Maine a little cuter one trunk show at a time! Congratulations Alyssa, I am thrilled to have you join us and I am excited to see where your business takes you!

Have a safe and wonderful Labor Day weekend!! XOXO