New Invention: The "Telegraph"

Inventor: Samuel Morse

Send messages instantly with the new telegraph

Have you ever tried to send on urgent message but couldn't get it to the destination quick enough? Samuel Morse, a former portrait painter, has made it possible to send and receive messages instantly. The newest technological advance uses "Morse Code" - an electronic alphabet made up of a series of click and tones- to send messages across long distances. The clever 55 year old man applied for a patent about 4 years ago, and today the first telegraph was sent bearing the words "What hath God Wrought!", marking this date in Technological history.

How it Works

How can it be, You say? Well the sender taps out their desired messages which activates an electrical switch that sends out on electric current, controlled by electromagnets, that gets shot down the wires all the way to the receivers destination. The designated reader can either watch the message as it is typed, but the machine also types the message out on to paper so the message can be stored and read later.

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